A truck outside of the Wonderbread bakery in San Francisco.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty

Company gives more cash to conservatives than the Koch Brothers


States’ rights, Ronald Reagan, and…Wonder Bread?

As it turns out, the maker of the iconic, doughy white bread has a strong political leaning to the right—even stronger than their more visible brother in conservatism, Koch Industries.

Flowers Food, the Georgia corporation that makes Wonder Bread and Nature’s Own products, has given more than 99% of its contributions to Republicans since 1979, according to the New York Times.

Their political action committee has made just three donations to Democrats over the last 30 years, and none in the last two decades.

The PAC of Koch Industries, the famous political arm of the billionaire brothers that helm the company and have donated millions to conservative causes, has given as much to Democrats in the last 14 months as the Wonder Bread parent company has in the last thirty years.