GOP constituents ‘love’ this shutdown, VandeHei says


Republicans won’t face a negative fallout for their role in shutting down the government, Politico’s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei argued on Tuesday’s Morning Joe.

“All of the backlash we talk about? None of these Republicans are going to feel it in their district,” he said, just six hours into the shutdown.

“They love that their members are taking on the president. They love that the idea that the government is shut down. They don’t like the government, I can’t say that enough, they don’t like the government,” VandeHei said. “They hate Obamacare.”

In polls, Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the healthcare law—just 11% of Republicans favored the law in a Reuters poll this month. (Republicans oppose the reform in larger margins when it’s called Obamacare instead of the Affordable Care Act.)

But Americans as a whole say they’re more likely to blame the GOP for shutting down the government. In a CBS/New York Times poll, 44% said congressional Republicans would shoulder the blame for even a partial shutdown. Another poll, from the Morning Consult, found 51% of registered voters say Republicans would deserve “a lot” of the blame for a shutdown.

Watch the whole clip above.

GOP constituents ‘love' this shutdown, VandeHei says