Morning Joe, 11/11/12, 7:00 PM ET

Will Clinton run in 2016?

The New York Times’ Gail Collins talks about her interview with Hillary Clinton and talks about the Secretary of State’s future plans after she leaves office.

Enjoy your time off, Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s second career is people telling her she should run for president, according to New York Times columnist Gail Collins.

Speaking on Morning Joe, Collins says that Clinton is perpetually made aware of her potential candidacy: “Every single day of her life people come up to her and say we have we have a First Lady, a president who’s a woman. We have to break that barrier, you are the only one who can do that,” Collins said. “That’s a second career of her life, just being asked to run for president, to break that barrier. She couldn’t be more aware of it.”

Collins’ latest column, ‘Hillary’s Next Move’ declares that the Secretary of State can quiet 2016 rumors simply by staying mum on her candidacy: “If Clinton follows through on her plan to not decide anything for a year, it would put the 2016 presidential speculation on ice, at least on the Democratic side.”

New York’s John Heilemann agreed: “The entire field is frozen; no one is going to be able to raise money until they know what she’s doing.”

Her resume of credentials is backed up by Clinton’s remarkable resilience as a political figure, the Morning Joe panel mused.

“She responds to adversity differently than her husband,” host Joe Scarborough commented. “She seems to just put her head down and charge forward. And just out works everybody.”

And as Collins put it on Morning Joe, she’s “terrifyingly prepared” to be a world leader: “We used to have crises about various candidates—would they be able to name the head of Pakistan if they were cornered?” Collins remarked. “She knows, she knows the third assistant’s social worker person in the cabinet in Peru.”


Enjoy your time off, Hillary