Did op-ed on ‘Chris Christie’s big problem’ cross the line?


Morning Joe spent a lot of time discussing education in America while at the Bronx Charter School for Excellence this morning.

But one of the other topics of the morning was about Eugene Robinson’s op-ed on Gov. Chris Christie’s weight.

You could argue that this is none of my business, but I disagree. Christie’s problem with weight ceased being a private matter when he stepped into the public arena — and it’s not something you can fail to notice. Obesity is a national epidemic whose costs are measured not just in dollars and cents but also in lives. Christie’s weight is as legitimate an issue as the smoking habit that President Obama says he has finally kicked.


Politically, I disagree with Christie on almost everything. I’ll have plenty of opportunities to tell him why. Today, I’d just like to offer him a bit of unsolicited, nonpartisan, sincere advice: Eat a salad and take a walk.

Joe and Mika both thought Eugene’s column “crossed a line,” while Al Sharpton, a guest this morning (who spoke up “as a former fat guy”) pointed out that in politics, “optics is important.” The group wondered if it was fair to get into Christie’s viability to run as president, when he hasn’t declared his candidacy.

Below, Eugene points out that the excerpted parts of his column were just that– excerpts… and that while he gave unsolicited advice, he didn’t at all question whether the weight issue would disqualify Gov. Christie from running.

See his defense (and the panel’s spirited questions), below:

Did op-ed on 'Chris Christie's big problem' cross the line?