Colorado: The president’s hurdle to victory without Ohio


The campaigns have spent more money on advertising in Ohio than anywhere else, but President Barack Obama may nonetheless find a path to reelection that doesn’t include the state.

“The pivot state could end up being Colorado,” Chuck Todd said on Morning Joe on Wednesday. If the President could win Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire and Colorado, he wouldn’t need Ohio to secure a second term, Todd said.

New York Times statistical wunderkind Nate Silver finds that Ohio will side with the winner in roughly 95 percent of the Electoral College simulations he runs every day, but that there are a number of scenarios where Ohio wouldn’t decide the election.

Obama is leading in polls in Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire, backing up Todd’s scenario, but the Morning Joe crew had their doubts about Colorado.

“The only state I’m really skeptical about is Colorado,” Joe Scarborough said. “The president just can’t seem to break 50 [percent in polls.]”

After being a cornerstone of his 2008 campaign, Colorado’s support for the president has waned and polls currently put the president tied or behind Gov. Mitt Romney.

Colorado: The president's hurdle to victory without Ohio