Captain Barnicle– You’re still ok in my book

Barnicle shows off his electric yellow shirt. Capehart isn't impressed.
Barnicle shows off his electric yellow shirt. Capehart isn't impressed.

Today, Mr. Barnicle’s clothing choice got a disproportionate amount of grief from the panel. And I’m here to say, let’s calm down a bit folks.  It’s only Tuesday, give the man a break, and let’s see what happens tomorrow. Who cares about Tuesdays anyway?

“Now what was the offending garment?” you ask. Well, good question.

It seemed to be some type of electric yellow neon banana stretchy sports shirt thinger. It was an admirable choice for a Tuesday, I say. An unequivocally bold hue it was, indeed and nothing to be ashamed about.

Now, of course, Mika is generous with the Barnicle critiques on most days. Either he’s slouching too much, or he’s late for the ballgame or he’s sleeping under his desk or something. But today, there was something in the air, and there was no sparing Mike. The shirt was going to die an awful death – on national TV.

The barrage of insults started pretty quickly. Within the first minute or so, Mika asked him what was up with his running shirt and if it had an off switch. Willie wanted to know if he was sporting Under Armour gear.

Mika inspects Mike's overall look (including his socks), and she doesn't approve

The sartorially unimpeachable Washington Post columnist, Jonathan Capehart, went so far as to say “I think we clash” only to later take to Twitter to blast the man’s threads (see below).

Oh Mr. Capehart -- have we no compassion for the less fashion fortunate?

But later, in a moment of sincere charity, Capehart offered to gussy up Barnicle’s wardrobe with a trip to Barney’s. Can we make that happen?

Carl Bernstein remained silent.

In his defense, Barnicle claimed he got the shirt for free. But even that admission wasn’t enough; his wife apparently sent him disgruntled emails about it.

Mike…whether you paid for the shirt or not, wear it with pride, good sir. You’re an inspiration to those of us who put function on a much higher pedestal than fashion. I salute you.

At least you brought the sport coat.

(If you missed it, watch one of the segments here.)

Captain Barnicle-- You're still ok in my book