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Brian Shactman on becoming the new host of ‘Way Too Early’


It’s official: The Emmy-nominated Brian Shactman has been tapped to host Way Too Early.  Previous host, Willie Geist, moved to the 9 am hour on Today last November.

Shactman, who joined CNBC in 2007, will begin his first full-time day on Monday, May 13 at 5:30 a.m.

We thought we’d ask him a few questions and get to know him a bit better.

You’ve been guest hosting Way Too Early sporadically for a while now, but starting next week, it’s yours five days a week. How are you feeling today?

In terms of moving into the spot to host the show? Excited. I use The Matrix as a metaphor. Like when he unplugs and says, after 10 seconds, “I know kung fu,” people should plug into msnbc for 27 minutes every day and know all they need or want to know. I feel pretty honored to be the Morpheus of the Morning.

Help your audience get to know you: Tell us three things about you we should know.

I never pass a Dairy Queen without stopping. I cannot stand tucked-in sheets. I was once a contestant on The Price is Right.

What will hosting Way Too Early do for your sleep schedule?

I am nervous even considering it. I will put my kids to sleep, and then put myself to sleep. No more drive-by watching the 9PM re-run of Old School on TBS, BUT I will get out of doing the dinner dishes a lot more.

Way Too Early and Morning Joe both play a lot of music; what are some of your favorites on the show? Any songs you’d recommend?

I hand it to Willie. He rediscovered my love of NWA’s Express Yourself. My tastes are pretty eclectic. I’d play some Weezer (Beverly Hills), Cake (Sick of You) or Social Distortion, perhaps. And my favorite song of the last year has been Reboot the Mission by the Wallflowers (great video, too).

I heard you mention Kid ‘n’ Play—a rap duo who were popular in the late ’80s/early ’90s—the other day in relation to an NBA player. Are you a fan?

I saw the first House Party—not the other 10. I love pop culture references. If you saw Moneyball, watch it again, looking for all the Clash posters. In terms of Kid ‘n’ Play, I was probably more of a PM Dawn guy (How embarrassing is that?!).

Lastly, what is your morning beverage of choice?

College: Gatorade

Single with bad job: Bloody Mary?

Now: Cappuccino with lots of foam

Way Too Early airs 5:30 am EST, Monday through Friday

Brian Shactman on becoming the new host of 'Way Too Early'