Axelrod: Obama has made ‘politically courageous’ decisions


David Axelrod, advisor for the president’s re-election campaign: “I had a high degree of confidence in his capacities, and those were ratified every day I was there in the White House. We walked into the worst economy and the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression; two wars; the stock market shortly after he got there was at 6500 percent; we were losing 750,000 jobs a day. The quarter before he became president was the worst – in terms of the economy contracting – since 1930.”

Joe Scarborough: “Has he made it better?”

Axelrod: “He went in an intervened and saved the financial system from collapsing. This is controversial with some people, but it was absolutely necessary. He intervened and saved the auto industry from collapsing. There are a million people working today who wouldn’t be working today had he not done that. It wasn’t popular, but it was the right thing to do. So he took a series of steps, and we’ve had 19 months of job growth. Not nearly enough. And we still have to address the bigger problem which is what we do with wages. How do we get housing back on track? There are a number of issues left.”

Axelrod: Obama has made 'politically courageous' decisions