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Axelrod: Clinton will ‘probably’ run in 2016; Biden could be opponent


Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton will most likely be a Democratic nominee in the 2016 race for the White House, David Axelrod said Friday. But Vice President Joe Biden could run against her.

“I think that Hillary Clinton probably will be the candidate,” the former top Obama adviser said Friday on Morning Joe.

“If she doesn’t run, I think Biden will run,” he added.

Axelrod, who helped Obama win two presidential victories, also assisted in ending Clinton’s 2008 bid for president. But she would be in a “strong position” if she ran for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016, he told the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

“The big question for her is simply whether at this point she wants to do this,” he said in January.

Earlier this week House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi also said the country is ready for Clinton to be president, drawing on her past experiences as the first lady of Arkansas and secretary of state.