Allen: ‘Every indication’ Scott Walker will win big in Wisconsin



Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker has been something of a controversial figure since February 2011. At the time, he proposed a budget repair bill in February of 2011 requiring state and local government workers to contribute more to pension and health care plans. And the bill would eliminate most collective bargaining rights for workers.

A whole lot has happened since, and an effort to recall him began in November.

Politico’s Mike Allen joined us this morning to discuss the status of that recall and what it’s done for Walker’s status among the GOP.

“[There’s] every indication he’s going to win big over the Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett,” Allen said.

Walker has raised $13M in over just three months this year.

“Is that breaking news that he’s going to win big? Does it look like he’s going to pull this one out?,” Joe Scarborough asked.

Allen responded:

He is, and as a result of that all around the country he’s become a big applause line at Republican gatherings. Just this cycle, the governor has raised $25M from around the country, including from some of the country’s biggest Republican donors. So, the left, labor Democrats, which planned to embarrass him instead have made him a big national figure with a very bright future.

What could this do for Mitt Romney’s campaign in Wisconsin? The latest polling has President Obama leading Mitt Romney, but Allen thinks that may change.

“The effect of this is to make Wisconsin look better for Mitt Romney,” Allen said.

Scott Walker and Mitt Romney

Allen: 'Every indication' Scott Walker will win big in Wisconsin