Who is Alison Lundergan Grimes?

Democrat Alison Grimes out-fundraises McConnell

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Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes out-fundraised Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell for the second reporting period this election season, bringing in millions as she seeks to unseat the Senate minority leader and longtime senator in November.

The Clinton-endorsed, young Kentucky secretary of state raised more than $2.7 million between January and March, according to the Grimes campaign. Grimes celebrated her grassroots support in a release, noting that her campaign nabbed around 53,000 donations that were less than $50 each. The median contribution to her campaign was $25.

McConnell raised $2.4 million, his best fundraising period to date.

The polls show a tight race between Grimes and McConnell, and it has already been an extremely tough re-election battle for McConnell, who has taken hits from the right from tea party challenger Matt Bevin.

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McConnell been spending heavily ahead of his May primary againt Bevin, which Grimes' campaign seized upon. "As the McConnell campaign burnt 120 percent of the money raised this past quarter, our campaign has built a war chest of almost $5 million, equipping us with the resources needed to win this race," the campaign's release said.

McConnell still has a deeper war chest than Grimes. The veteran politican has nearly $10 million on hand, according to USA Today.