A car is seen on a street in Arizona.
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Supporters raise more than $63,500 for mom who left kids in car


Americans have raised almost $64,000 for a 35-year-old homeless Arizona mother who left her infant and toddler in a hot car while participating in a job interview.

Police last week arrested Shanesha Taylor on child abuse charges after officers found her 2-year-old and 6-month-old children in a locked car, the Huffington Post reported. The engine was off and the windows were slightly cracked inside the vehicle, where they waited for at least 30 minutes.

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Stranger raises funds for homeless mom arrested for child abuse

A homeless mother of two was arrested after leaving her children in a hot car for 45 minutes while interviewing for a job in Arizona. Moved by her story, Amanda Bishop launched a fundraising site that has raised nearly $70,000 for the mother. Bishop…

Amanda Bishop, 24, consequently established an online fundraiser to assist the single mother with her legal expenses because, as she wrote on the website, she is also a struggling American like Taylor. More than 2,270 supporters had joined the platform and raised $63,793 as of Monday morning, despite criticism aimed at the campaign. The website notes a deadline of 31 days for raising funds.

“Thank you all so much for your donations and help. I too am struggling to keep my head above water and can relate to all your stories and offers. This is an experience I will truely (sic) cherish for the rest of my life,” Bishop wrote.

Taylor told police she didn’t have a care-taker to watch her kids while she interviewed with the potential employer. Child Protective Services has taken custody of her two children.


Supporters raise more than $63,500 for mom who left kids in car