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Today's Must Read Op-Ed: July 28, 2015

07/28/15 06:50AM

Mark Leibovich asks in The New York Times Magazine: Should We Fear the Political ‘Crazies’? He writes: You could argue that these are crazy times and there are thus worse things to be called than a ''crazy.'' The affiliation suggests an admirable passion and less risk-aversion, a willingness to disrupt.  ... [A]s Trump is... read more

What is the real value of the Trump brand?

What is the real value of the Trump brand?

07/28/15 06:01AM

Top Talkers: Bloomberg reports that Trump's total worth may be closer to just one-third of what he's said. Trump famously claimed he's worth at least $10B, but an analysis done by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index puts the number closer to $2.9B. watch

Mika: I see Biden in, an Independent Trump...

Mika: I see Biden in, an Independent Trump run

07/27/15 07:08AM

The Morning Joe panel looks at the latest NBC News/Marist poll, which shows Hillary Clinton remains a clear frontrunner, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining ground. The panel shares their predictions for the course of the Democratic race. watch

Today's Must Read Op-Ed: July 27, 2015

07/27/15 07:02AM

The fact that we have primary debates and a field larger than a stage can handle should surprise no one. ... Those who dispute the use of national polls as the basis of deciding who's onstage for the first two debates should keep in mind that networks may use different criteria for subsequent ones. ... Debates are not the be-all and end-all... read more

AG Lynch discusses ISIS and social media

AG Lynch discusses ISIS and social media

07/27/15 06:49AM

Attorney General Loretta Lynch discusses with Andrea Mitchell how ISIS uses social media to help inspire attacks in the U.S. Andrea Mitchell joins Morning Joe to discuss her interview with Lynch and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. watch


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