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E.g., 10/22/2014
E.g., 10/22/2014

An excerpt from Bryan Stevenson's "Just Mercy"

10/22/14 07:47AM

It was late, and I had picked up the phone after hours because no one else was in the building; it was becoming a bad habit. The older woman on the other end of the line was pleading with me after offering a heartfelt description of her grandson, who had just been jailed for murder. read more

Wrongful imprisonment subject of 'Just Mercy'

Wrongful imprisonment subject of 'Just Mercy'

10/22/14 07:43AM

Law professor and author Bryan Stevenson joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book "Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption." The book looks at the case of Walter McMillan, wrongly accused of a crime and placed on death row for six years. watch

An excerpt from Vicky Ward's "The Liar's Ball"

10/22/14 07:24AM

Chapter 1 Stealing the SpotlightI think that I’ve been able to lead and have a high enough profile where people say,“Hmmm, how would Harry Macklowe do this? He’s my hero.”—Harry Macklowee spotted his chance the night the letters vanished. They were there, as usual, one dusky summer’s eve­ning in Manhattan, but the next morning they were gone. All of them. read more

Twitter the source of all evil, says top...

Twitter the source of all evil, says top cleric

10/22/14 06:24AM

Morning Papers: Saudi Arabia's top cleric has said Twitter is the "source of all evil"; McDonalds and Coca-Cola report a drop in profits; police are looking into the arrest of an NYC subway performer and meet the couple who had a fun moment with the... watch

Joe: GOP needs to wake up to the minimum wage

Joe: GOP needs to wake up to the minimum wage

10/22/14 06:15AM

Top Talkers: Chris Christie shared his thoughts on the minimum wage Tuesday during a Chamber of Commerce event, saying he was tired of hearing about it. The Morning Joe panel wonders about Christie’s comments, and Joe Scarborough says the GOP risks... watch