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'MHP' Syllabus: 7.18.15

07/17/15 11:32PM

This Saturday on Melissa Harris-Perry we’ll discuss President Obama’s legacy. After major diplomatic advances recently with Iran, Cuba, and a push for immigration reform,  President Obama's legacy may be remembered not by what he accomplished during his earliest days in office, but by numerous policy achievements as his presidency nears its... read more

China rebounds after $3 trillion lost in...

China rebounds after $3 trillion lost in crash

07/12/15 10:12AM

Stocks began to rebound in China last week from a crash that had wiped out $3 trillion in equity, after the Chinese government took extraordinary emergency measures to save the economy. Gordon Chang, Peter Goodman and Lisa Cook join to discuss. watch

Greece proposes austerity measures

Greece proposes austerity measures

07/12/15 10:00AM

If there is still no deal by the time Greece's next loan payment comes due on July 20th, Greece could be out of the Eurozone. Lisa Cook from Michigan State University, Peter Goodman from the International Business Times and's Gordon Chang join watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 7.12.15

07/11/15 07:39PM

This Sunday on Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest on world moneyproblems. With the decision on Greece’s future in the eurozonehanging in the balance and a government under pressure by bank failures, we’ll have a conversation about the proposed bailout,the euro and the intersection of the European Union in Greece. Then, the Chinese stock market... read more


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