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America's shrinking middle class

America's shrinking middle class

07/13/12 08:00PM

Michelle Obama is sharing her personal story of a working class family upbringing, but as the average middle-income family continues to be squeezed, is Michelle’s narrative still relevant? watch

The school to prison pipeline

The school to prison pipeline

07/13/12 08:00PM

Glenn Martin, vice president of public affairs at the Fortune Society, joins the Melissa Harris-Perry panel discussion on juvenile incarceration as they debate whether or not children should be sentenced to life in prison. watch

Mitt Romney's 'blackest week ever'

07/13/12 07:06PM

The inimitable Jay Smooth has a new video for Animal New York in which he reviews Mitt Romney's Adventures with Black People™ this week (particularly In light of what I wrote earlier). read more

N. Scott Phillips, of Baltimore, Md., listens to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney deliver a speech during the NAACP annual convention Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

Speaking of 'free stuff,' how about a vote?

07/13/12 09:45AM

The wrong question was being asked, and answered, quite a bit within the political media about Mitt Romney's Wednesday speech at the NAACP convention. I even answered it myself on Twitter, with a resounding "no," in so many words. read more

Sound and fury, signifying no jobs

Sound and fury, signifying no jobs

07/12/12 12:45AM

There's not much to add on the successful vote yesterday to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the House of Representatives. The vote totals aren't really news, aside from perhaps the five Democrats who joined up with every single House Republican to vote down the now officially-constitutional law. It is difficult to disagree with Rep. read more

Britney Franco, Hannah Stydahar, AP

Young activists take the fight to Teen Vogue

07/11/12 06:38PM

You may recall that we closed out last Saturday's broadcast highlighting Melissa's "Foot Soldier," 14-year-old Julia Bluhm who through petitioning and protesting moved Seventeen magazine to issue a "Body Peace Treaty" -- promising to not alter girls bodies and faces in their magazine.Two New York girls, 16-year-old... read more

Attorney General Eric Holder addresses the NAACP on Tuesday.

Voter-ID laws are 'poll taxes,' says Holder

07/11/12 12:31PM

It's not just Rick Perry rejecting health care reform; Texas is also in the news this week for its state legislature fighting for for harsher voter-ID laws.After being shot down for failing its pre-clearance test required of states with a history of racial discrimination, the Lone Star State's latest voter-ID law is currently facing a... read more

Texas Gov. Rick Perry at last month's Texas Republican Convention.

Rick Perry rejects health reform, reality

07/10/12 02:08PM

The reaction of the Republican Party to the Supreme Court's upholding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been, in a word, petulant. Yes, that will continue when House Republicans inevitably stage a meaningless vote to repeal the law. But forget about the bluster coming from Washington conservatives for a moment. read more


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