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Rosario Quiroz.

Meet Rosario Quiroz, undocumented American

03/31/12 02:36PM

Recently, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has been hinting at stripped-down version of the DREAM Act -- the legislation which sought to provide a path to legal status, through collegiate study or military service, for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States at a young age. 23-year-old Rosario Quiroz is one of those immigrants, and she wants her own DREAM Act in New York State.Rosario, a 2011 Columbia University graduate, remains undocumented. read more

Office Hours: MHP's favorite First Lady (Bird)

Office Hours: MHP's favorite First Lady (Bird)

03/31/12 10:30AM

Who is your favorite American First Lady? I have a few. There is the groundbreaking, intellectually astute, and politically courageous Eleanor Roosevelt. I’m also a big fan of the fiercely independent Betty Ford. I have great respect for Hillary Clinton, who crafted an independent political career of her own. And I am enthralled with our current First Lady, Michelle Obama. But no one holds quite the place in my heart that Lady Bird Johnson commands.In 1964, Lady Bird Johnson initiated a whistle-stop tour through the American South in advance of her husband’s campaign. read more

Ladies first, yes? The March 31 preview

03/31/12 09:04AM

Twitter was abuzz yesterday afternoon with the news that the guests on Sunday news shows were all male, and all white. Ours wasn't included in the count, but we'll get into tomorrow's diverse list of guests in about 24 hours. Today we offer the real remedy to all that.Before we get to that, the topics. We'll examine the Trayvon Martin case, which has been light on legal developments and heavy on tabloid-style victim-blaming and victim-shaming. read more

Good Look: Dress Code for Black Safety!

03/31/12 08:09AM

This week's Good Look is still the hottest thing out there, like Melissa said -- her Dress Code for Black Safety!™ For too many, red and blue aren't America's colors -- they could be lethal. (In a different way.)Also, illegal saggy pants (soon to be the name of a band) are a no-no. Last but not least -- those hoodies! Oh, those hoodies.Warm up for today's show by watching Melissa get to the heart of how ridiculous all this is, and note again how the hoodies were used as victim-blaming in the Trayvon Martin case. That's a note Melissa will touch upon in today's show. See you all at 10am ET. read more