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E.g., 3/5/2015
Protesters stand outside a fundraiser for President Obama in June in Florida to ask for an executive action on workplace discrimination for LGBT Americans.

Jacksonville still open to LGBT discrimination

08/16/12 03:57PM

The Sunshine State just got a little bit less bright. The Jacksonville City Council voted Wednesday night to reject a bill that would have expanded the city's human rights ordinance to protect LGBT citizens in Florida from discrimination in areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.City Councilman Warren Jones proposed the... read more

Romney: 'I've never paid less than 13%' in taxes

08/16/12 01:20PM

Mitt Romney today fielded what he called "small-minded" questions from reporters on his taxes, and claimed that he has never paid less than 13% in taxes in the last ten years."I just have to say, given the challenges that America faces – 23 million people out of work, Iran about to become nuclear, one out of six Americans in... read more

Voting early in Ohio? OK, if you're a Republican

Voting early in Ohio? OK, if you're a Republican

08/15/12 06:57PM

Think, for a moment, of Mitt Romney's worst campaign lies thus far as one of those mascot races you'd see at a major-league ballpark in places like Milwaukee or Washington. They're all tall, they stumble and wobble, but somehow they move quicker than you'd anticipate by just looking at them. Two of the worst lies center on... read more

Pennsylvania's voter suppression gets green light

08/15/12 03:14PM

I may have voted alongside 93-year-old grandmother Vivette Applewhite before. She hails from the Germantown section of Philadelphia, the same area where I lived for a number of years. Given that she says that she cast her first vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960, I'm guessing that she didn't miss the historic 2008 election. For all I... read more

Romney's own personal food stamp

Romney's own personal food stamp

08/14/12 03:43PM

At a campaign fundraiser in Chicago last week, Mitt Romney shared a story with donors that was meant to illustrate his family’s connection to hard-working Illinois natives. Apparently, when Romney was a young man, he ventured into the top drawer of his dad’s dresser, just to poke around and to possibly find “an old coin he might not miss.”... read more

Scott Smith.

More security doesn't make us more secure

08/13/12 08:13PM

My father and I went to the movies recently, in Florida. As we approached the ticket holder after buying our tickets, I was asked to open my bag. My father, who had no bag, was asked to empty his pockets. That is one sign of American moviegoing, post-Aurora.Another sign was exhibited by a man named Scott Smith, who also went to the movies last... read more

Supporters of Paul Ryan's other opponent light up a bridge in Walworth County, Wisconsin.

And another thing...about Rob Zerban

08/13/12 05:10PM

Paul Ryan will square off against his new opponent, Vice President Joe Biden, at a debate in Danville, Kentucky 59 days from now. Both men have spent their adult lives in Congress: At 28, Ryan was the youngest member of his class in the House, while Biden reached the Senate at 29, a year shy of the Constitution’s minimum age for senators. And... read more

Paul Ryan gives a thumbs-up to supporters during a campaign stop Sunday.

Why the Paul Ryan pick is good for America

08/13/12 12:02PM

The success of Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, more than any other politician including Barack Obama, attests to the value of packaging in politics. Ryan is physically fit and Washington-handsome, and is a solid speaker and communicator. read more

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

This week's Homework? Get your Gabby on

08/12/12 01:00PM

#nerdland is back! As a result of the Romney-Ryan Republican Rollout -- or "RRRR" as I call it -- our show today was dominated with V.P. news.That said, I did want to take one moment to share one thought about the Olympics. read more

In our August 12 show, a new look at Paul Ryan

08/12/12 10:25AM

"Biggest secret in politics"? Maybe for some, but for about 36 hours now, well before he was introduced, we've known that Rep. Paul Ryan on Wisconsin is Mitt Romney's choice of running mate. (For a little more than 24, those suckered into giving up their personal information so they could have the news "broken" via... read more

The GOP's diversity problem

The GOP's diversity problem

08/11/12 08:00PM

From Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Melissa Harris-Perry runs through the names of candidates who were fortunate enough to make Romney’s speculated vice presidential short list, but who didn’t make the cut. watch

What will happen to Ryan's House seat?

What will happen to Ryan's House seat?

08/11/12 08:00PM

Rob Zerban, who is running as a Democrat against Rep. Paul Ryan for his House seat representing Wisconsin, joins Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about how Ryan's vice presidential nomination will affect their local race. watch

Harris-Perry: We are all Sikh now

Harris-Perry: We are all Sikh now

08/11/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry pays tribute to the lives lost in the tragic Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin last week, saying "the struggle for human dignity is universal." watch

What Ryan means for the social safety net

What Ryan means for the social safety net

08/11/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests - including The Grio’s Joy-Ann Reid and Princeton Professor Julian Zelizer - analyze Rep. Paul Ryan’s attempts to channel President Thomas Jefferson in his speech on joining Mitt Romney’s GOP presidential ticket. watch


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