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Forced sterilizations on women of Uzbekistan

Forced sterilizations on women of Uzbekistan

04/13/12 08:00PM

Reality Check: Melissa Harris-Perry shines light on the global "war on women" by talking about the human rights violations in Uzbekistan, where sterilizations are being forced on women in an effort by authorities to tame the country's birth rate. watch

North Korea's projectile dysfunction

North Korea's projectile dysfunction

04/13/12 06:57AM

Defying an international outcry, North Korea yesterday launched a rocket that looked vaguely like a hand-me-down they'd found it in some NASA thrift store, and slapped their flag and markings on the sides. Given that it's a country that prioritizes the growth of its military power over even feeding its own people, one might have expected better. read more

Anti-gay hate crime indictment is historic

Anti-gay hate crime indictment is historic

04/12/12 03:08PM

Here's what allegedly happened: Kevin Pennington was held against his will about a year ago after having been tricked by two women into getting into a truck. It drove them all to a secluded area of Kingdom Come State Park in Kentucky, where two men got out and assaulted him. What makes this account different than any other account in any other indictment in U.S. history is that as he was beaten, Pennington was also assaulted with anti-gay slurs.Today, history was made when the two men accused of the kidnapping and assault, David Jason Jenkins and Anthony Ray Jenkins, were indicted. read more

Trayvon's mother: 'It was an accident'

04/12/12 11:59AM

Now that the legal aspect of the Trayvon Martin story has entered a new phase, statements made by the people directly involved carry a new resonance. After the special prosecutor announced the murder charges against their son's killer yesterday, the parents of Trayvon Martin spoke up, saying that the reason they were so vocal is because they merely sought an arrest, not a conviction (through the media, or otherwise).His mother, Sybrina Fulton, also said this about George Zimmerman in an interview with the Associated Press:"I would probably give him an opportunity to apologize ... read more

John McNeil in an undated photo.

Standing his ground got him life in prison

04/12/12 08:54AM

Now that George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, we can expect to see an even greater focus on the "legalese," so to speak. His (new) attorney indicated that Zimmerman will plead not guilty to the 2nd-degree murder charge; by Florida law, per the state's standard jury instructions. that means special prosecutor Angela Corey is alleging that when he shot Trayvon, he did so with a "depraved mind," and "without regard to human life."That indicates that Corey didn't buy Zimmerman's claims of self-defense in the shooting. read more

Confessed killer George Zimmerman.

Trayvon's killer charged with murder, is in custody

04/11/12 04:09PM

Update: Special prosecutor Angela Corey has announced that Zimmerman with murder in the second degree. She has indicated that Zimmerman is in custody inside the state of Florida. (The full press conference video is now embedded below.)Update: NBC News is now reporting that Trayvon Martin's confessed killer, George Zimmerman, has been taken into custody. (Seems he wasn't that "far from Florida" after all.)Live video of Corey's 6:00pm ET press conference announcing the charges will be available in the embedded video below. Our earlier post, written before Zimmerman's arrest, is below the jump. read more

Santorum suspends campaign 'we were winning'

Santorum suspends campaign 'we were winning'

04/10/12 04:25PM

Rick Santorum left the race for the Republican presidential nomination this afternoon, thus actually ending suspending a campaign that has been effectively over for some time now:"Ladies and gentleman, we made the decision to get into this race at our kitchen table against all the odds," Santorum said in remarks to reporters in Gettysburg, Pa. "We made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over for me and we will suspend our campaign effective today. We are not done fighting."His most curious remark? read more

Tulsa had a painful racial past before Good Friday

04/10/12 11:28AM

Five people were shot, and three were killed last Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- and not only have police announced that the two men arrested and charged have confessed to the crimes, but they also know specifically who did which shootings:Mr. England told the police that he shot three of the victims and Mr. Watts admitted to shooting two of them, said Officer Jason Willingham, a spokesman for the Tulsa police. Mr. England said he drove the pickup during all the shootings, Officer Willingham said.The victims may have been "chosen randomly," but all five were black. read more