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Bachmann: Obama waving 'tar baby in the air'

04/19/12 02:31PM

I first cringed when I heard Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) say in the interview above that President Obama has proved "over and over, in spades" that he didn't have the experience for the job. That's one thing; after all, anyone playing a card game, or perhaps gardening, may have occasion to use the word "spade," despite its racial double-meaning.But "tar baby"? One can understand why that is a little tougher to take literally when used in the context of the first black president. read more

An Oscar Grant III mural in Oakland, CA.

They're making a movie about Oscar Grant III

04/19/12 12:18PM

Imagine if there was a video of George Zimmerman pulling out his gun, aiming it at Trayvon Martin, and pulling the trigger.As much passion, anger, and pain as the 17-year-old's shooting death has set loose in America since it happened nearly two months ago, can you imagine if we were able to log onto YouTube, and watch it happening for ourselves? You saw how this case exploded onto the national scene when the 911 calls became available. read more

Judge in Trayvon murder case steps down

Judge in Trayvon murder case steps down

04/18/12 06:01PM

Whether or not confessed killer George Zimmerman can legally be regarded as a murderer will be up to the courts, and a jury. What we do know today is that the Florida Circuit Judge who presided over Zimmerman's first court hearing won't be involved, having today recused herself due to a potential conflict.Per the New York Times:The judge, Jessica J. Recksiedler, of Seminole County Circuit Court, signed an order removing herself from the case. In a filing on Monday, Mr. read more

Romney's Etch-a-Sketch is malfunctioning

Romney's Etch-a-Sketch is malfunctioning

04/18/12 04:24PM

If the name "Kris Kobach" rings a bell (or even if it doesn't), it should: Kobach is the man who helped created regressive and harsh anti-immigration legislation in places like Arizona and Alabama. Also among his titles? Kansas Secretary of State, and until recently, Romney campaign adviser. read more

Secret Service scandal spotlights sex trafficking

04/18/12 11:45AM

President Obama's trip last week to Colombia for the sixth Summit of the Americas wasn't much of a success, and that's speaking strictly of the event itself. As the New York Times reported upon its conclusion on Sunday, the summit ended without any significant agreements. read more

Santorum's three-year-old daughter is NRA for life

04/17/12 04:22PM

Isabella Santorum, a three-year-old who suffers from a fatal chromosomal disorder, is now an National Rifle Association member for life. Both of her parents, one of whom is former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, also have life memberships.Despite suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination last week, Santorum delivered remarks to the NRA convention crowd last Friday, and in the same speech that he said Second Amendment rights must "not at the group’s annual gathering. Mr. read more

UC Davis pepper-spray incident gets an F

04/16/12 09:33PM

Five months after a police officer became a meme after dousing student protesters with pepper spray at the University of California-Davis, a new report released last Wednesday has concluded that the incident “should and could have been prevented.” The released report documents the result of an investigation led by Cruz Reynoso, UC Davis Professor Emeritus and former Justice of the California Supreme Court, and an appointed task force to review the incident.The pepper spray was used on those student protesters on campus as UC police officers were arresting students for erecting tents on the cam read more

The bill collector tolls for thee, Rick Santorum

The bill collector tolls for thee, Rick Santorum

04/16/12 06:46PM

The conservative voice of the blue-collar went from going for broke, to out of business.Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign suspension confirmed what many outsiders to the game have been saying for months: that Mitt Romney will be the eventual, if not uninspiring, nominee to represent the Republican party. Also, that a candidate can survive on a shoestring budget for only so long.“We were just burning through cash at a rate we couldn't maintain,” Santorum told "Today’s Issues” host Tony Perkins on Thursday. read more

Did #WarOnMoms get the job done for Romney?

04/16/12 01:54PM

Our colleagues at "Up With Chris Hayes" released a 43-second scoop yesterday that have quite a few in the media pouring one out today for the dearly departed so-called "War on Moms," that "inane microscandal" made up of manufactured outrage, political opportunism, and the lack of proper articulation on the part of a CNN pundit, Hilary Rosen, this past Wednesday.But as "Up" reported, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney said something that in light of last week's alarmism, could offend stay-at-home moms even more than Rosen did:“I wanted to increase the work requirement,” Romney said. read more

Today, tax returns aren't your only Homework

Today, tax returns aren't your only Homework

04/15/12 12:58PM

OK, #nerdland, we talked taxes today to lead off the show, so I think you already know what your tax-related "MHP" Homework is -- file! You have until Tuesday, April 17 this year. Don’t pull a Romney; get those 1040s completed and sent off. Once you’ve fulfilled your civic duty, curl up with a little light reading on other topics from today's show.If you really love cars, you will enjoy James Flink’s detailed account of how the automobile came to dominate American culture, public policy, and politics at the turn of the 20th century. read more

In our April 15 show, 'T' isn't just for taxes

04/15/12 09:22AM

A week ago Saturday, Melissa highlighted the story of Jenna Talackova, the aspiring Miss Universe pageant contestant who had been removed from the competition because she is transgendered, and the rules states that contestants must be "naturally born" women. Well, Talackova was born female, but she had the misfortune of being born female inside a male body. Similarly, Lucas Silveira, the frontman of the Cliks (whose video I posted above), was born male inside a female body. read more

Time to tax the rich?

Time to tax the rich?

04/14/12 08:00PM

Tax Day is approaching, and as it does, Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel - including U.S. News and World Reports' Rick Newman, Randa Fahmy Hudome, a former... watch