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E.g., 2/6/2016
Flag debate heats up after activists' arrest

Flag debate heats up after activists' arrest

06/28/15 10:00AM

Calls for the removal of the Confederate flag continue to intensify. Tamika Lewis of activist group The Tribe, Paul Frymer of Princeton University, Cristina Beltran of New York University, the Schomburg Center's Khalil Gibran Muhammad and MSNBC's Beth... watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 6.28.15

06/27/15 06:53PM

This Sunday on MHP, bringing down the flag. We discuss the historical context of the confederate flag, and the importance of dealing with both symbolism and substance. All eyes were on activist Bree Newsome on Saturday when she scaled the flagpole outside the South Carolina statehouse to remove the Confederate flag herself. We look at the impact... read more

'The struggle continues' for full equality

'The struggle continues' for full equality

06/27/15 11:04AM

While the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality represents a significant victory for activists, "the struggle continues" for full equality. Kenji Yoshino, author of "Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial," join to discuss. watch

Manhunt continues for one escaped convict

Manhunt continues for one escaped convict

06/27/15 11:00AM

Authorities are searching upstate New York for remaining fugitive David Sweat after inmate Richard Matt was shot dead by federal agents Friday. NBC's Chris Pollone and retired Chief Deputy for the U.S. Marshal Service Matthew Fogg join to discuss. watch

Is bipartisanship on VRA possible?

Is bipartisanship on VRA possible?

06/27/15 10:49AM

Ari Berman, Robert Traynham, Julian Zelizer and Kai Wright discuss the future of the Voting Rights Act as Congressional Democrats introduce legislation to restore what was lost in the Supreme Court's 2013 ruling. watch

Taking action after Charleston

Taking action after Charleston

06/27/15 10:24AM

Dr. Lonnie Randolph, President of the South Carolina conference of the NAACP, joins to talk about what he hopes the state's political leaders will do about the Confederate flag controversy in the aftermath of the Charleston church massacre. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 6.27.15

06/26/15 08:16PM

This Saturday on MHP: ‘Amazing Grace’ in Charleston, South Carolina.This week, Charleston's Emanuel AME Church held the first of its long line of home-going services for the 9 members of its congregation who were killed in a massacre during a Wednesday night bible study. President Obama went to Charleston on Friday to bid farewell to South... read more

The history of African Methodist Episcopal...

The history of African Methodist Episcopal Church

06/21/15 11:31AM

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Bob Herbert, Susannah Heschel and Marla Frederick join to discuss the role of faith in social justice, the history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and their reactions to the Sunday church... watch


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