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E.g., 3/27/2015
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The Debate!, or the political '8 Mile' battle

10/03/12 06:12PM

There aren't too many events outside of the Super Bowl which get the level of pre-event publicity, analysis, and hype. This is not to dis that analysis; there's a lot of good stuff being written about an event that may not change a thing. In that specific respect, the correlation to sports falls apart, since no one is keeping a... read more

Planned Parenthood political arm hosts pre-debate Denver rally

10/03/12 02:58PM

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) continued its campaign against Mitt Romney’s presidential bid by holding a pre-debate rally in Denver October 2.Mitt Romney and President Obama will take part in their first one-on-one presidential debate Wednesday, October 3, in Denver.The organization, which has been advertising in the state in the... read more

Local news anchor stands up to bullying

10/03/12 02:03PM

Local Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston spoke out against bullying on air after receiving a harsh email concerning her appearance.Livingston, a reporter and anchor at News 8 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin since the late '90s, took a few minutes on Tuesday morning to respond to an email from Kenneth W. Krause, a male viewer, that criticized... read more

Former MA Governor Mitt Romney campaigns through swing states, seen here in June with Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA)

The curious number in Romney's tax proposal

10/03/12 01:28PM

In a Monday night interview with a Fox affiliate in Denver, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced he would limit tax deductions up to $17,000. That's all well and good, but did he pick that number out of thin air? The former Massachusetts governor didn't specify in his quoted comments:“As an option you could say... read more

Ohioans 'sleeping out' for early vote tonight

Ohioans 'sleeping out' for early vote tonight

10/01/12 09:13PM

If my church home back in Philadelphia, Mother Bethel A.M.E., is skipping a worship service, you know something's up. The reason they did so yesterday was a good one if civic participation and responsibility is your thing:As the city, state, and nation await the fate of Pennsylvania's new voter-ID law a little more than a month before... read more

California Gov. Jerry Brown looks on during a news conference at Google headquarters on September 25, 2012 in Mountain View, California.

Domestic workers movement hits speed bump in California

10/01/12 03:58PM

The domestic workers rights movement suffered a significant legislative defeat on Sunday when California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, vetoed that state's proposed Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The law would have mandated that all of California's estimated 200,000 domestic cleaners, health care workers, private cooks and child care... read more

Trafficking survivor Aisha Graves, one of our guests today.

Human trafficking is your problem, too

09/30/12 02:07PM

This is a guest post from one of our guests today, FAIR Girls executive director Andrea Powell, written prior to her appearance today.Human trafficking isn’t something that happens "over there." I know this because as co-founding Executive Director of FAIR Girls, I spend my days side by side with girls from all over America who have... read more

In our September 30 show, we'll get technical

09/30/12 09:45AM

A far cry from the microchips, wires, and bits and bytes that form them, what computers have come to mean in our culture has manifested itself in so many positive and negative ways. It's no different in politics, where campaigning has seized technology as a way to reach out and connect in an emotional and substantive way. read more

Good Look: Willie Nelson arrives in #nerdland

09/30/12 09:31AM

Last week, we had the legendary Willie Nelson join us from the road to talk not just about his 27th year of Farm Aid (which was a big success on Saturday):"I was just hoping to help farmers be able to farm food and feed their families," Nelson told the Patriot-News of the event's origins in an interview on Friday. "There was... read more


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