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Baltimore and US history of housing...

Baltimore and US history of housing segregation

05/09/15 10:13AM

More than 100 years of housing policy -- from segregation laws to restrictive covenants to urban renewal to the subprime mortgage crisis -- have created a Baltimore that is segregated and deeply unequal to this day. MHP and her guests discuss. watch

How policy built segregation in Baltimore

How policy built segregation in Baltimore

05/09/15 10:00AM

Baltimore is among the most segregated cities in the country. Melissa Harris-Perry notes that "neither the segregation nor the problems that attend it are accidental," and shows how decades of local and federal policy made it what it is today. watch

The environmental hazard affecting black...

The environmental hazard affecting black youth

05/03/15 11:27AM

In Baltimore, as in other cities across the country, the children in poor and black communities bear the greatest burden of the environmental hazard of lead poisoning. Nina Turner, Charlene Carruthers, Farai Chideya, Yolanda Pierce and Mychal Denzel Smith watch

Tale of two families: Royal baby &...

Tale of two families: Royal baby & Baltimore mom

05/03/15 11:00AM

Melissa Harris-Perry contradicts the scene at the long awaited birth of the royal baby with another maternal moment with a mother and child that went viral this week - Toya Graham's aggressive discipline of her 16-year-old son amidst the chaos and anxiety watch

Marilyn Mosby emerges into national spotlight

Marilyn Mosby emerges into national spotlight

05/03/15 10:00AM

The emergence of State Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the national spotlight has given African American women the visibility that's been lacking in the conversation about police violence against African American communities. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 5.3.15

05/02/15 06:42PM

This Sunday on MHP, we’re back in Baltimore.While demonstrations for  Freddie Gray continue, those demanding justice had something to celebrate when Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby brought charges against six officers for Gray’s death. Following her announcement of the charges on Friday, Mosby had a message of hope for the... read more

Putting a face on the Ebola workers

Putting a face on the Ebola workers

05/02/15 11:53AM

The suits that Ebola workers wear can look a little scary, so Melissa Harris-Perry’s Footsoldier, Mary Beth Heffernan, came up with an idea so patients could see a friendly human face behind the protective gear. watch


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