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Social equality under Obama

Social equality under Obama

06/02/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry’s panelists - including The Hill columnist Karen Finney, The Nation correspondent Ari Melber, and former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder - run... watch

In our June 2 show, we'll follow the leader(s)

06/02/12 04:30AM

What does "leadership" mean in our current politics? Whenever President Obama does or doesn't do something nowadays, we hear his challenger, Mitt Romney, complaining of a "lack of leadership." Most notably, we heard that complaint this week about Syria, and that only served to illuminate his challenges and differences within his own party on foreign policy. read more

Good Look: 'The civil rights issue of our era'

06/02/12 02:00AM

In his recent, seemingly short-lived campaign emphasis on education policy, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney deemed inequality for students in color in public schools "the civil rights issue of our era." To open last Saturday's show, Melissa went beyond that rhetoric and looked at the substance of the solutions Romney is offering -- an overhaul of national public education that could sideline the Department of Education for good, and place a good deal of faith in charter schools.An intellectually and ideologically diverse panel which featured Umoja Student Development Corporation fo read more

Michelle Obama likes Beyoncé, and that's OK

06/01/12 10:04PM

As the editor of this space, it's hard not to empathize with what Jay Smooth is talking about in his latest video. Forming opinions for deadlines is a tough thing to do, and so I get what he's talking about concerning his new gig with Animal New York.Although I can't comprehend how such a thought entered her head, I can see why he gives (somewhat of) a break to Keli Goff, the Loop21 contributor who concern-trolled her way through a trifle of a column which argued that First Lady Michelle Obama's admiration of superstar Beyoncé could cost her husband votes and drive people to Mitt Romney. read more