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Women at war

Women at war

05/19/12 08:00PM

The Army is breaking down barriers of traditionally all-male combat units by now allowing women to serve closer to the front lines. But is the policy change... watch

Chuck Brown.

The District of Columbia's voice goes silent

05/19/12 02:12PM

I haven’t been an official resident of Washington, DC -- my hometown -- for almost two decades.  But the DC girl is still strong in me, and this week, she’s been thinking a lot about (what was formerly known as) "Chocolate City."You see, despite the fact that the District of Columbia is the one place in the country where Americans are denied the right to meaningful representation in Congress, make no mistake, Washington -- and Washingtonians -- have a voice.  And this week it’s being silenced in more ways than one. The white dome of the U.S. read more

Happy birthday, Malcolm X

05/19/12 10:25AM

Today is the birthday of Malcolm X. He would have been 87 years old.Malcolm rarely receives the kind of mainstream press attention that his better known counterpart, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. does. And perhaps that is best. Unlike King, Malcolm has been not been subjected to the ahistorical nostalgia machine of American hero-making. His radicalism remains intact.Let me be clear by what I mean when I say radicalism.I do not mean that Malcolm X sought to overthrow the American state. He did not. read more

In our May 19 show, character really does matter

05/19/12 09:13AM

When we hear conservatives questioning the President's birthplace, or what he learned from his former pastor in Chicago, let's not make a mistake: it is all about blackness, and any pride he may take in such blackness. Case in point?This week's principal example, a now-failed proposal from a conservative super-PAC called Character Matters to use Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a campaign against President Obama four years after anyone last cared about Rev. Wright. It only got explicitly racial when one phrase, "metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln," was spotted in its proposal. read more

Good Look: Commencement is only the start

05/19/12 07:53AM

If Republicans aren't done with birtherism or Reverend Jeremiah Wright, they surely aren't done making cracks about the President using a TelePrompter. (The 2012 campaign...with fresh-from-2008 jokes!) Mitt Romney, to his credit, has embraced the TelePrompter, and two moments in his campaign over the past week underscored why he's a believer: first, a by-the-book, TelePromptered commencement address; then, an instantly infamous moment where he probably could've used one. read more

Koyuki Higashi (L) and her partner Hiroko (R) display "Thank you" messages to Mickey Mouse at the Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu, suburban Tokyo.

Marriage equality, in a small world after all

05/18/12 11:48PM

Japan may say "nay" to same-sex marriage, but that isn't stopping Tokyo Disneyland. This week, Mickey and friends announced it would allow same-sex couples to hold ceremonies on its ground, even though their marriages wouldn't be legally recognized in Japan.The Taipei Times reports that Tokyo Disneyland came to their decision after a woman inquired about marrying her female partner at the theme park's resort. read more

Smart with her pennies

Smart with her pennies

05/18/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry honors 13-year-old Quinn Smart as her "Foot Soldier" for her work in raising over $200,000 for her community by pinching pennies. watch