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The new face of a changing Compton

The new face of a changing Compton

02/22/15 10:22AM

Images of inequality, poverty and violence have tended to obscure the rich tapestry of community, families and political organizing in Compton. Mayor Aja Brown talks about her ambitious initiatives to transform her town. watch

Is Jeb Bush really his 'own man'?

Is Jeb Bush really his 'own man'?

02/22/15 10:15AM

As Jeb Bush tries to distance himself from the foreign policy decisions of his family, Melissa Harris-Perry questions why his inner-circle consists of one adviser who served in the administrations of his brother and father. watch

The political battle over the American story

The political battle over the American story

02/22/15 10:00AM

America’s complicated and conflicting history was in the spotlight this week in Oklahoma, where a House committee approved a bill that would ban AP History from being taught in the state. Pedro Noguera and high school student Moin Nadeem join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 2.22.15

02/21/15 06:12PM

Discourse matters. This week, President Obama caught flak for making a concerted effort not to use terms like “Muslim” or “Islamic” when describing ISIS and its allies. Instead, the President opted for phrases like “countering violent extremism” and insisted that we are not at war with Islam. This Sunday, we’ll discuss why the discourse around... read more

Obama remembers the Pullman porters

President Obama remembers the Pullman porters

02/21/15 11:34AM

The men who left the Jim Crow South to work on Pullman Company trains, serving passengers in first-class sleeping cars between the 1860s and 1960s, became the first African American labor union and an integral part of the civil rights movement. watch


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