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How ‘Young Women Rock’

How ‘Young Women Rock’

06/01/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry honors her “Foot Soldier” of the week, Uraidah Hassani, the founder and director of The Women Worldwide Initiative, who uses her... watch

George Zimmerman, admitted killer of Trayvon Martin, at his April 20 bond hearing.

Trayvon's killer must return to jail

06/01/12 03:36PM

When we mentioned George Zimmerman's big social-media launch about a month ago, we knew then he'd lied to the court during his bond hearing about being indigent, and unable to pay a high bond. The killer of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin raised over $200,000 from supporters via his earlier, cruder website. read more

Few new jobs, fewer answers, more politics

06/01/12 01:18PM

69,000 shouldn't be the number of new jobs in a growing economy. We all know this. 69,000 is, quite literally, a slightly above average attendance at an NFL game. If you review last season's averages, May's jobs number would fit in right between the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons. Add the fact that the unemployment rate rose to 8.2%, and it adds up to what should be bad news all around, particularly for an Obama re-election campaign that seeks to sell messages like the one above.Even Yahoo! read more

Romney's fundraisers are doing some odd stuff

Romney's fundraisers are doing some odd stuff

06/01/12 08:00AM

If you think there's any chance someone would actually pay $2,500 per person and $5,000 per couple to attend a cocktail reception -- not even dinner, or several dinners -- with newly-official GOP nominee Mitt Romney, you'd think that there wasn't much of a need to give them the hard sell when you send them the invite. You could probably save the rallying cry.One group raising money for Romney's campaign seems to disagree.Here's one of the Aw-Snap!™ bits that that the Romney Victory, Inc. read more

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and these other pastors protesting President Obama's position on same-sex marriage last week. They lost today.

Conservative overreach is having a bad day

05/31/12 05:08PM

One of the most important tests of whether or not The Great Republican Overreach has been rejected definitively will come next week when Wisconsin voters decide whether or not to recall Scott Walker, their embattled (and well-funded) Republican governor. (Per Greg Sargent's report today, former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning tomorrow in Wisconsin against Walker.)However, we've now seen two things happen today that should give pause to those Republicans who remain eager to go off the legislative deep end. (Will it? Probably not. read more

Could Republicans lose 'the other white people'?

Could Republicans lose 'the other white people'?

05/31/12 03:28PM

My eyebrows shot up as she said it, but it made a lot of sense. That wasn't the surprising part; things that actor and comedian Margaret Cho says tend to make quite a lot sense. Even Bill Schneider, the seasoned (and white) political analyst seated next to her on our show Sunday immediately chimed in with agreement."We're like the other white people."During Sunday's #nerdland conversation about Asian American politics and politicians in this country, it became apparent just how different approaching that voting bloc is from, say, African Americans. read more

Two dads in JC Penney's new Father's Day ad

Two dads in JC Penney's new Father's Day ad

05/31/12 12:00PM

One Million Moms' Spidey Senses must be tingling, because JC Penney is about to make another bold statement: taking a cue from their Mother's Day ad, JC Penney will release a Father's Day ad next month that will feature a family with two dads.The caption in the catalogue indicates that the family in the ad (right) are not just models; the two men are a real-life couple who are the parents of the photographed children as well. "What makes Dad so cool?" the ad asks. "He's the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver — all rolled into one. read more

Florida Dems calling out Rick Scott's voter purge

Florida Dems calling out Rick Scott's voter purge

05/31/12 09:51AM

Florida has gone "birther" on thousands of its own voters, singling them out with requirements to provide proof of citizenship in order to cast a ballot this election year. But the process is turning out to be a flawed move to expel ineligible voters from the state's rolls after many of the residents were individually targeted inaccurately as "non-citizens."Six Florida Congressional lawmakers -- Reps. Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings, Corrine Brown, Frederica Wilson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Kathy Castor, all Democrats -- lashed out against Republican Gov. read more

Clarence Aaron in 2010.

Obama's new Clarence Aaron burden

05/30/12 06:06PM

As we've detailed previously, Dafna Linzer's May 13 report in ProPublica and The Washington Post has led to pressure being placed directly upon the White House -- thanks to a letter from Michigan Democrat John Conyers and another member of the House Judiciary Committee -- to investigate that report's claims: that triple-life prisoner Clarence Aaron's commutation plea was allegedly mishandled in 2008 by Ronald Rodgers, the current head of the U.S. Pardon Attorney's office.On Sunday's "MHP," the volume was turned up considerably by someone who knows the Aaron case intimately. read more