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The GOP's diversity problem

The GOP's diversity problem

08/11/12 08:00PM

From Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Melissa Harris-Perry runs through the names of candidates who were fortunate enough to make Romney’s speculated vice presidential short list, but who didn’t make the cut. watch

What will happen to Ryan's House seat?

What will happen to Ryan's House seat?

08/11/12 08:00PM

Rob Zerban, who is running as a Democrat against Rep. Paul Ryan for his House seat representing Wisconsin, joins Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about how Ryan's vice presidential nomination will affect their local race. watch

Romney waging culture war, with fewer soldiers

08/09/12 01:51PM

 Trend pieces are somewhat of a plague of modern political writing. I'm disheartened, in particular, by the ones featuring young Republicans telling us how socially liberal they are. They generally follow the same formula:conservatives in their twenties talk about how they aren't anti-abortion, or against marriage equality; they express hope that today's Republican politicians can stay clear of the culture war; and then they finish off by talking about how, reservations be damned, they still support those candidates. read more

Mitt Romney putting forth his welfare argument again today in Iowa.

Hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck

08/08/12 06:01PM

If there was a bridge from the unreserved segregationist era of American conservatism to our current era -- when most politicians and their acolytes usually find more polite ways of using race -- I'd have to say that bridge should be named in honor of Alex Castellanos and Larry McCarthy. Some might give it Lee Atwater, given that he tailored the "Southern Strategy" for the modern Republican. read more

Gov. Phil Bryant speaks to reporters at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, Miss., Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012.

'Any couple' can get married, but not really

08/03/12 05:48PM

There are some days when I have to check my calendar to make sure this is 2012. This is one of those times.Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently denounced a church that stopped a black couple from marrying in its sanctuary. The First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, which is a predominantly white church, told Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson the day before their wedding in July that they were not allowed to be married in their church. The Wilsons are regular attendees at the First Baptist Church.Gov. read more

Yes, that's Antoine Dodson, in front of Chick-fil-A, on "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day," wearing a t-shirt with Antoine Dodson's name on it. I'll explain this below.

Conservatives aren't doing Chick-fil-A any favors

08/03/12 11:30AM

I was in Philadelphia last weekend when, at the behest of an elderly family member in from out of town, I was dispatched to 9th and Passyunk for an authentic Philly cheesesteak. Since she preferred cheesesteaks with the meat sliced in long strips as opposed to those which have it all chopped up, she asked me to go to Geno's Steaks rather than Pat's King of Steaks right across the intersection. read more

President Barack Obama speaks at a fundraiser hosted by singer Ricky Martin and the LGBT Leadership Council at the Rubin Museum of Art, Monday, May 14, 2012, in New York.

Same-sex marriage to factor into deportations

08/02/12 07:11PM

A spokesperson for the Obama administration told BuzzFeed this week that the Department of Homeland Security will begin taking same-sex marriages into consideration in deportation decisions. This new policy has been a topic of discussion over the last year when the administration announced a new policy that would re-prioritize deportations and give lower priority to those with families — which includes same-sex couples, according to the Obama administration's revised definition of "family" — in the United States.Peter Boogaard, Deputy Press Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, tol read more

Death in a Texas prison, one way or another

Death in a Texas prison, one way or another

07/31/12 02:57PM

Thirteen months ago, Milton Mathis was killed by the state of Texas, in part, because of a childhood I.Q. test.His attorneys argued that since Mathis had scored a 62 on a test administered by the state correctional system in 2000 -- putting him eight points below the standards for mental retardation -- but since prosecutors pointed to his history of violence and gave greater weight to a score higher than 70 from a much earlier test, the 32-year-old Mathis was eventually executed for killing two people and crippling a third in a drug-house shooting. read more

Mitt Romney, sporting a double USA-Israel flag pin, delivers a speech yesterday in Jerusalem.

Why Romney's failure abroad matters

07/30/12 07:03PM

Given that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has no foreign policy experience whatsoever, questions about what he'd do abroad if elected require a precise, detailed answer. For one, he's running against an incumbent whose successes abroad been notable, and have left conservative politicos and media to humiliate themselves with nitpicking over just how and when President Obama killed Osama bin Laden, and about apologies which never happened. read more

An emergency dose of #nerdland

07/28/12 10:00AM

The Olympics being on means that we're not this Saturday morning; as Melissa announced last week, we won't return for a couple weeks. We won't leave you hanging, though: be sure to keep looking for new content and analysis here on the blog, on our Facebook page, and in our Twitter feed. On that feed and elsewhere, we've seen many of you lamenting our absence this morning, and it's appreciated so much that I thought it'd be best to give you a strong dose of "MHP" when you are typically expecting it.Below, you'll see not only Melissa's recap of #nerdland from the end of Sunday's show. read more

The death we are willing to tolerate

The death we are willing to tolerate

07/26/12 11:00AM

The murder and mayhem at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater took place five days ago, and since then, what we've heard from President Obama since has been mostly words of comfort and tales of courage. read more

Rape survivor Savannah Dietrich.

Making the world uncomfortable for rapists

07/23/12 03:13PM

Savannah Dietrich had too much to drink at a party, and passed out. What she told newspapers happened next was horrific: two boys, both of whom she knew, sexually assaulted her, and took pictures while they were doing it. Then they shared those photographs with others. read more