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Eurozone apocalypse near?

Eurozone apocalypse near?

05/18/12 08:00PM

As world leaders are convene this week in the United States for the G8 Summit at Camp David and the NATO Summit in Chicago, The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein,... watch

Dump the coffee, keep the homophobia

05/17/12 05:30PM

A Denver pastor is literally dumping Starbucks in a show of support for a campaign which aims to boycott the coffee chain for supporting marriage equality. The name of the campaign? Wait for it...Dump Starbucks. Apt."They're trying to undermine the Lord's teaching that God made us male and female at the beginning of creation. A lot of corporations no longer know right from wrong, but Starbucks is pushing it and trying to harm families by what they're doing," says Pastor Bob Enyart in the video above. read more

The front page of the Character Matters PAC's proposal for a five-minute film criticizing the President.

'Exactly what John McCain would not let us do'

05/17/12 03:11PM

Speaking of radioactive politics, conservatives lately have been dipping their toes into old controversies lately. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) remarked in a speech last weekend about President Obama, "in his heart, he's not an American." Coffman apologized once tape surfaced of the speech. The folks at the late Andrew Breitbart's site have the top link on the Drudge Report right now with something about a 21-year-old booklet that says President Obama was born in Kenya. read more

Donna Summer dies at age 63

05/17/12 12:56PM

To many in my generation, Donna Summer's voice brought on a mix of elation and urgency. Hearing "Last Dance" meant that the party was just about over, and it's time to scramble for just that -- a last dance. read more

Cain #GetsOverIt, endorses Romney

Cain #GetsOverIt, endorses Romney

05/16/12 03:42PM

Herman Cain, who previously backed Newt Gingrich's now dormant bid for president (and also, earlier, The People!), has changed his mind again. Today, he became the latest former opponent to (officially) offer Mitt Romney his support: read more

Clarence Aaron

Why isn't Clarence Aaron a free man?

05/16/12 01:15PM

Clarence Aaron has been in prison since the early nineties, serving a sentence to three consecutive life terms without parole. With that kind of sentence, it is a sad truth that men like Aaron are tossed into the trash heap of society. That heap is not simply the prison itself, but a stigma created by the prison, and the incredibly harsh sentence, given the crime of which Aaron was accused and convicted.Guys like Aaron are usually written off forever as a lost cause. read more

'A love like that is worth an infinite ache'

05/13/12 05:24PM

Melissa took some time at the end of today's show to honor mothers of every ilk (including the mothers of us, the #nerdland staff) in a moving "Footnote" essay. Some were mothers who are serving abroad in our armed forces; some waiting for children in those armed forces to come home. Some mothers are undocumented; some sacrificing to their last; some, like Marissa Alexander, are incarcerated and perhaps even giving birth behind bars. read more

Previewing Mother's Day in #nerdland

05/13/12 09:18AM

First things first: Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there. I think I can speak for all of us here in #nerdland when I say that we send our very best to you. Especially to you, Sybrina Fulton.This year, I have to think it's just about impossible for anyone to consider the meaning of Mother's Day without thinking of Fulton, the mother of the late Trayvon Martin. She has endured a special hell this year, one shared surely by too many other mothers whose names we don't know. (Fulton's Mother's Day PSA for the Second Chance program, released earlier this week, is incredibly moving. read more

Mothers in prison

Mothers in prison

05/12/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry follows up on the story of Marissa Alexander, an abused wife and mother who stood up to her husband and fired a single warning shot from... watch