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E.g., 8/20/2014

Biography is at the heart of our May 2 show

05/05/12 08:01AM

Just over three years into his presidency, the idea that we really don't know who President Obama really is remains a key element not only of Republican counter-attacks, but also of media narrative. The GOP hitting him on biography is code for "other," which is so well understood by many that there's a danger of becoming numb to it. read more

Good Look: 'Why do they hate us?'

05/05/12 06:15AM

One of last week's most riveting and well-received conversations on "MHP" took place on Saturday, when Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy joined Melissa to discuss her powerful and controversial cover story for Foreign Policy magazine, "Why Do They Hate Us?" The article detailed the many ways in which misogyny and the abuse of women and their rights has become systemic in the Arab Muslim world:An entire political and economic system -- one that treats half of humanity like animals -- must be destroyed along with the other more obvious tyrannies choking off the region from its future. read more

Office Hours: Romney's leadership problem

05/04/12 11:23PM

Ed. note: In place of Melissa's regular "Office Hours" column this week, we encourage you to check out her appearance tonight on "The Ed Show" with its guest host, Georgetown professor and radio host Michael Eric Dyson. Their topic? Mitt Romney's leadership crisis. After the jump, her appearance on "Politics Nation with Al Sharpton" today discussing Romney's issues with women voters. -- JKS   read more