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What I've learned from living with HIV

What I've learned from living with HIV

07/01/12 11:35AM

Ed. note: This is a guest column by our guest today, Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, the Dean of Multicultural Life at Macalester College. Chris normally tweets this essay out every December 1 to commemorate World AIDS Day, but was kind enough to allow us to share it in this space.My name is Chris, and I live with HIV.I know some were here last year , so I’ll try not to bore you. I just want to remind us that we are here among you, living, thriving, sometimes barely surviving w HIV/AIDS. read more

In our July 1 show, the choice might be yours

07/01/12 09:25AM

Just as furiously as they've offered disgruntled disbelief through the mouths of their congressmen and conservative pundits, the Right has mobilized in a collective festival of pout-rage over the Supreme Court's upholding of President Obama's health reform law. It's one thing when it takes the form of talking points on television, and quite another when it manifests itself in policy that will affect thousands. It's about to get really real, people.(And no, I'm not talking about the planned Tea Party comeback this week. read more

Leaders, and having it all in our June 30 show

06/30/12 09:00AM

This variety-show appearance of the Shangri-Las is problematic on several levels, by today's standards. The prim and proper outfits for a bunch of roughneck young ladies from Queens; the rude interruption of the "leader of the pack" himself (who looks like Bob Hope, but I can't tell for sure) and his loud motorcycle which keeps revving throughout the performance. read more