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Education Secretary Arne Duncan. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

American students deserve better than Arne Duncan

11/22/12 09:58AM

As a 17-year-old high school student, I'm both a No Child Left Behind and a Race to the Top baby. I've lived through both pieces of failed legislation under former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and now current Secretary Arne Duncan that have seriously derailed the status of education in this country. But I'm optimistic... read more

Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and president of the United Nations Security Council, speaking in April. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Are race, gender behind attacks on Susan Rice?

11/20/12 03:33PM

Supporters of Susan Rice are accusing Republicans of using racial "code words" in opposing her for Secretary of State. And they're questioning whether some of the criticisms leveled at her would have been used against a man.... read more


Ohio's hunger games

11/18/12 04:06PM

It sits on the eastern edge of what is known as the "heartland," but that isn't where my native Ohio got its former slogan, "The Heart of It All." One of the more literal reasons is its valentine-like shape. But figuratively, it has been at the center of the political universe now for a good year—thanks to its precious... read more

Where to draw the line on drone strikes?

Where to draw the line on drone strikes?

11/17/12 07:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests - including fellow MSNBC host Chris Hayes, contributor Rula Jebreal, Citizen Radio host Allison Kilkenny, and Mark Quarterman of the Enough Project - share a heated debate sharing their thoughts on the warrants of... watch

Californians vote to reform harsh 'three...

Californians vote to reform harsh 'three strikes' law

11/17/12 07:00PM

On Election Day, voters in California agreed to reform the state's "three strikes law" that made any third conviction for a felony would automatically result in imprisonment of 25 years to life. Martin Horn, former commission of the New York City... watch

Trapped in solitary confinement

Trapped in solitary confinement

11/17/12 07:00PM

Valarie Kaur shares her upcoming documentary "The Worst of the Worst," a first-person story of what it's like to be a prisoner trapped in solitary confinement. watch

Prison reform through inmate education

Prison reform through inmate education

11/17/12 07:00PM

Sean Pica, executive director of Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, talks about how his organization provides educational services to men and women in four New York state correctional facilities. watch

Maine GOP chair accuses black people of...

Maine GOP chair accuses black people of voter fraud

11/16/12 07:00PM

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster was so surprised to hear that black people lived in his state that he accused those who showed up to polls on Election Day of voter fraud. Webster has since apologized, and to tell the story, resident... watch


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