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Good Look: #nerdland gets some culture

05/12/12 07:40AM

Good Saturday morning, #nerdland! Get warmed up for today's show with one of our favorite discussions last week, Melissa's conversation with ballerina Misty Copeland and violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins about African-Americans in the arts, the importance of government funding, and youth following in their footsteps.We led off with a solo conversation with Copeland, the first African-American soloist with the American Ballet Theatre in decades. Hall-Tompkins, a member of the Ritz Chamber Players, joined the conversation in the second half, which you can find after the jump. read more

Down with the middle?

Down with the middle?

05/11/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry continues the conversation on bipartisan cooperation and party loyalty as the moderate portion of the electorate continues to diminish. watch

The New Yorker's next cover.

Office Hours: Into the vault on marriage equality

05/11/12 07:18PM

This was a historic week in the battle for marriage equality in this country. The struggle is not over, but it has a powerful new ally. It got me to thinking about how many times I have written in defense of marriage equality and how many battles we have lost; like the Amendment 1 vote in North Carolina this week.On our show, we often enjoy going back "into the vault" to find historic moments that speak to our current news cycle. read more

Punk rock star comes out as transgender

Punk rock star comes out as transgender

05/11/12 06:40PM

Tom Gabel, lead singer of the punk band Against Me!, has publicly announced plans to live as a woman and to take on the name Laura Jane Grace.Gabel's cbig news hit newsstands today in Rolling Stone magazine, where she publicly shares her very private battle with gender dysphoria, an issue that she says she has dealt with for years. read more

Mesa Prep second baseman Paige Sultzbach.

Catholic school quits rather than playing a girl

05/11/12 01:30PM

Survey time, #nerdland: your high school sports team is just one game away from a state championship. As you prepare for the big game, you find out your opponent's team has one member of the opposite gender. What do you do?If you said, "forfeit the game, and a chance at the championship title," then you are on the same page as Our Lady of Sorrows, an Arizona fundamentalist Catholic high school. read more