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E.g., 10/25/2014

In our July 14 show, we rep the Street

07/14/12 09:38AM

it is almost as if Mitt Romney is trying to make this week worse. He's messing with Big Bird again.He poked the famed Sesame Street bird late last year under the guise of attacking public broadcasting, saying, "We're not going to kill Big Bird. But Big Bird is going to have advertisements. Alright?" Not discouraged in the least by the fact he's trying to change a program virtually no one dislikes, Romney went back to that trough this week in a Radio Iowa interview:There are programs that I like, like PBS—I mean, my grandkids watch PBS, they like to watch Sesame Street. read more

Good Look: Porn, feminism and Foucault

07/14/12 08:23AM

I won't give too lengthy an introduction to last Saturday's thorough discussion of the politics and business of pornography in America, other than to ask: where else will you have feminism and Foucault intrude upon what is thought, generally, to be too taboo a topic to discuss in our public news sphere? read more

Mitt Romney's 'blackest week ever'

07/13/12 07:06PM

The inimitable Jay Smooth has a new video for Animal New York in which he reviews Mitt Romney's Adventures with Black People™ this week (particularly In light of what I wrote earlier). read more