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E.g., 10/22/2014

Good Look: Porn, feminism and Foucault

07/14/12 08:23AM

I won't give too lengthy an introduction to last Saturday's thorough discussion of the politics and business of pornography in America, other than to ask: where else will you have feminism and Foucault intrude upon what is thought, generally, to be too taboo a topic to discuss in our public news sphere? read more

Mitt Romney's 'blackest week ever'

07/13/12 07:06PM

The inimitable Jay Smooth has a new video for Animal New York in which he reviews Mitt Romney's Adventures with Black People™ this week (particularly In light of what I wrote earlier). read more

N. Scott Phillips, of Baltimore, Md., listens to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney deliver a speech during the NAACP annual convention Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

Speaking of 'free stuff,' how about a vote?

07/13/12 09:45AM

The wrong question was being asked, and answered, quite a bit within the political media about Mitt Romney's Wednesday speech at the NAACP convention. I even answered it myself on Twitter, with a resounding "no," in so many words. read more