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E.g., 9/22/2014
E.g., 9/22/2014
Bei Bei Shuai's 2011 police photo.

On 'personhood,' Rand Paul, and Bei Bei Shuai

06/28/12 02:12PM

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) this week has held up the re-authorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, which insures 5.6 million flood-prone homes. He says he wants a vote on legislation that declares life begins at conception.  What does this have to do with Bei Bei Shuai, a Chinese immigrant in Indiana who stands accused of murdering her daughter and attempted feticide?Both events indicate the growing legal trend of states' increasingly delineating rights to the fetus, separate from the mother bearing it. read more

NH Republican calls kindergarten criminal

06/27/12 02:18PM

OK, full disclosure: I went to kindergarten. We had "show and tell," snack time, reading time, and learned basic math too. Some things I never learned in kindergarten: how to hold up a liquor store, where to buy a gun, how to shoplift, and other illegal activities that would land me in front of a judge.A Republican state representative from New Hampshire has voiced some unique kindergarten-based fears. State Rep. read more

MHP Daily: June 27, 2012

06/27/12 08:54AM

We start this morning with Boko Haram, a radical, armed group that wishes to create an Islamist state in Nigeria. They're basically Nigeria's own personal al-Qaeda, and they were designated a terrorist group by the United States last week (which may have been a mistake, seeing as one of the commentators in the discussion above notes that such a designation may be a "badge of honor" for the group). read more

Sanford, FL police investigator Chris Serino, at right.

Lead detective on Trayvon case reassigned

06/26/12 06:04PM

There's a lot in the audiotapes of George Zimmerman's police interviews from the day following the Trayvon Martin shooting that will make your ear perk up, and perhaps even your eyes well up with tears. Most compelling, however, is the voice of Sanford, FL police investigator Christopher Serino telling the confessed killer that he'd ended the life of "a kid with a future," and that "this 17-year-old boy was one of those kids who would have been a success story." He told Zimmerman that Trayvon wasn't "on PCP. He’s not on anything. read more

Oreo stacks up for LGBT Pride Month

Oreo stacks up for LGBT Pride Month

06/26/12 03:15PM

Nabisco and its parent company, Kraft, yesterday on Facebook took a stance in support of LGBT Pride Month with a photo of rainbow-colored filling inside an Oreo cookie.The photo, along with the message "Proudly support love!" has received over 20,000 comments in under 24 hours, ranging from "I love this so much!" to "Looks like I won't be eating Oreos anymore." Oreo also tweeted the photo, which has been retweeted over a thousand times.One of Oreo's slogans is "milk's favorite cookie," and has been considered a snack-time favorite for decades. read more