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E.g., 10/30/2014

Is there any argument for Mitt Romney?

08/29/12 05:00PM

It would be easy to step away from watching the first day of the Republican National Convention convinced that they wasted a day. Not in the sense that they wasted a day they could have used to make a substantive, factual argument against President Obama's re-election. They wasted a day to make a case for why their guy should get the gig.A speech doesn't have to be complicated. read more

In our August 26 show, we contain multitudes

08/26/12 09:47AM

The video you see above is the featured song on, a site catering to young African Americans through policy, politics, and popular culture. Fittingly and ironically, the song (which has its share of expletives littered throughout) is titled "On My Own," by an artist who I'm not sure is a Republican or not. read more

How popular is Mitt Romney?

How popular is Mitt Romney?

08/25/12 08:00PM

NBC meteorologist Bill Karins provides an update on the tropical storm Isaac, and later, Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher joins the Melissa Harris-Perry... watch

On Katrina's anniversary, a bit of Homework

08/25/12 03:33PM

We discussed today the continuing legacy of Hurricane Katrina, seven years after the catastrophic levee failure that devastated the city. I mentioned that Perspectives on Politics, a leading journal of the American Political Science Association, has devoted its most recent issue to research on post-Katrina New Orleans. read more