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E.g., 3/5/2015
E.g., 3/5/2015
Members of the Wilmington 10 hold a brief communion service before boarding a prison bus on Feb. 2, 1976 in Burgaw, North Carolina, as they surrendered to start prison terms on convictions growing out of 1971 racial disorders in Wilmington, N.C. (AP...

Gov. Bev Perdue, pardon the Wilmington 10

12/29/12 03:32PM

North Carolina's Democratic governor, Bev Perdue, decided not to seek reelection at the start of 2012. From the moment she took office after a razor-thin 2008 victory, she has been embattled, duking it out with an uber-conservative state legislature over issues of education, reproductive rights, and voter suppression. Having been badly... read more

Chris Stedman, Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University. (Courtesy of Chris Stedman)

In wake of Newtown shooting, why blame atheists?

12/27/12 05:17PM

I admire the people of all faiths and beliefs who have come together to honor the lives lost in the incomprehensible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary earlier this month. They provide support to those who are in mourning, and strive for a safer and more unified community. That said, I am concerned that some of these efforts have rendered people... read more

(Rex Features via AP Images)

'Django Unchained' exposes raw nerves of slavery debate

12/24/12 10:40AM

Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained opens on Christmas Day -- but in the tradition of many a Tarantino film, it's created its share of controversy well in advance. The film's title character (Jamie Foxx) goes from slave to bounty hunter and sets out on a mission to save his enslaved wife (Kerry Washington).... read more

Wayne LaPierre, Exec. VP and CEO of the National Rifle Association (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

NRA's LaPierre doubles down on the 'crazy' in interview

12/23/12 01:32PM

After his peculiar rant on Friday in response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last week, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre reaffirmed the lobby group's stance on gun laws and continued to diffuse the blame of gun violence during an appearance Sunday on Meet the Press.... read more

Dems mull Social Security offer

Dems mull Social Security offer

12/22/12 07:00PM

Lawmakers are considering a structural change to Social Security that had progressives calling foul. But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is framing it as not a cut to the program--if so, what is it? watch

NRA presser a media ploy?

NRA presser a media ploy?

12/22/12 07:00PM

After delivering a bizarre press conference on Friday, the National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre appeared on Sunday’s Meet the Press to talk about the public response to his comments. The Melissa Harris-Perry panelists - led by guest host Joy... watch

Obama on election reform: ‘We have to fix...

Obama on election reform: ‘We have to fix that’

12/22/12 07:00PM

In his acceptance speech the night he was re-elected president, Barack Obama noted just how badly the U.S. was in need of election reform. “We have to fix that,” he said. Lizz Winstead, author of “Lizz Free or Die”; and Judith Browne Dianis, co... watch

Election reform without the Voting Rights...

Election reform without the Voting Rights Act?

12/22/12 07:00PM

The Supreme Court has decided to take on a challenge to Section Five of the Voting Rights Act, a provision Attorney General Eric Holder calls “an indispensable tool for eradicating racial discrimination.” But is reform possible without Section Five? watch

Congress challenges Obama cabinet picks

Congress challenges Obama cabinet picks

12/22/12 07:00PM

First it was U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice who was forced to withdraw her name from consideration for Hillary Clinton’s secretary of state gig, and now it’s former Sen. Chuck Hagel who is facing rounds of attacks--all before being formally named as a... watch


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