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GOP plagued with suspected voter fraud

GOP plagued with suspected voter fraud

09/29/12 11:15AM

Melissa Harris-Perry has the latest on This Week In Voter Suppression, highlighting how while Republicans are working hard to combat voter fraud with strict voter ID laws, the actual fraud is happening within their own party. Wisconsin Democratic... watch

In our September 29 show, it isn't a game

09/29/12 09:55AM

We're in the thick of it, folks. November 6 is around the corner. You would think the Romney campaign would get this, but instead they face the reality of a candidate who is acting like a mark pretty much daily. read more

Good Look: Home at last, in the Ivy League

09/29/12 08:41AM

Perhaps the highlight of Sunday's Education Nation Student Town Hall -- hosted by Melissa, naturally -- came when Eboni Boykin, a freshman at Columbia University, was profiled in the first hour. Eboni's story is unique because she grew up in St. Louis with hardships almost no student (let alone future Ivy Leaguer) has to endure:She's spent much of her childhood in and out of homeless shelters. read more

George Soros.

Democrats play catch-up with 'super' cash

09/28/12 02:27PM

Earlier this week, we brought up just how much super-PAC spending is in this election season -- almost four out of every five dollars, total. Now, today, it became apparent that deep-pocketed Democrats are catching up in the money race.The New York Times reports that billionaire George Soros will be handing off $1 million to the pro-President Obama super-PAC Priorities USA Action. read more

Romney uses 'Romneycare' for empathy points

Romney uses 'Romneycare' for empathy points

09/27/12 06:02PM

Last night, Mitt Romney suddenly embraced Massachusetts’ health care law, a topic he’s previously left in the ditch somewhere along the campaign trail between his time as governor of a moderate state and his decision to be “severely conservative.”Never mind that Romney and his campaign have recoiled from linking the GOP presidential nominee to his record as governor of Massachusetts, in light of an unearthed video showing Romney write-off 47% of the electorate, chatting about universal health care doesn’t seem too bad. read more

A same-sex couple in Dallas, Tx. share a kiss outside a Chick-fil-A in protest of the restaurant's stance on same-sex marriage.

Austin first Texas city to support marriage equality

09/27/12 03:31PM

Austin has become the first city in Texas to officially support marriage equality in the Lone Star State. This morning, the Austin City Council unanimously adopted a formal resolution "declaring the City Councils intent to support marriage equality in the State of Texas." The resolution was brought to the City Council after Equality Texas submitted a petition with over 1,800 signatures.In a statement released Wednesday, Equality Texas argued that the passage of this resolution would send a message to the state and the country that Austin stands for equality.The Council resolution recognizes th read more

Marriage equality ad 'melodramatic,' yet also true

09/26/12 05:16PM

A pro-marriage equality ad airing in Washington State deserves a "Pants on Fire" Award, according to anti-marriage equality organization Preserve Marriage Washington. The group published a press release on Tuesday blasting a new television ad that began airing last week, and said that it was "not an accurate depiction of the law" in Washington.The ad in question was produced by Washington United for Marriage, which is currently lobbying for the passage of R-74. read more

NFL ref lockout turns Republicans temporarily pro-union

09/25/12 04:51PM

The Republican Party does not like unions. That's why Republican governors like Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Ohio's John Kasich have worked to dismantle public employee collective bargaining protections. It's also why the party's 2012 platform calls for a national "right-to-work" law which would make it significantly harder for unions to collect member dues. read more

Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan gives a thumbs up to supporters at the Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center in Lima, Ohio on Monday, Sept. 24.

Paul Ryan on DADT: 'We should not reverse it'

09/25/12 01:54PM

The Romney-Ryan ticket continues to shake the Etch-A-Sketch on their campaign—first on health care, and now on the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." On Sunday, Rep. Paul Ryan told a local news station in Florida that reinstating DADT "would be a step in the wrong direction because people have already disclosed themselves.""Now that it's done, we should not reverse it," Ryan said. This statement is a reversal for Ryan, who originally voted against the DADT repeal that was signed by President Obama in December 2010. read more