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E.g., 11/27/2014

Sikh woman's graceful response to cyberbully turns would-be enemy into ally

09/30/12 12:40PM

COMMENTARYThe Internet is a brutal place. Shielded by digital anonymity, bullies are emboldened to unleash cruelty that shames, hurts and silences their victims. That seemed to be what was happening when a young man posted a photo of Ohio State University sophomore Balpreet Kaur in the 'funny' section of social news website caption read, "I'm not sure what to conclude from this." Kaur is a Sikh woman. Her appearance is unusual because she has facial hair that she chooses not to remove. She did not know this photo was taken. She did not know it was posted on the Internet. read more

In our September 30 show, we'll get technical

09/30/12 09:45AM

A far cry from the microchips, wires, and bits and bytes that form them, what computers have come to mean in our culture has manifested itself in so many positive and negative ways. It's no different in politics, where campaigning has seized technology as a way to reach out and connect in an emotional and substantive way. read more

Good Look: Willie Nelson arrives in #nerdland

09/30/12 09:31AM

Last week, we had the legendary Willie Nelson join us from the road to talk not just about his 27th year of Farm Aid (which was a big success on Saturday):"I was just hoping to help farmers be able to farm food and feed their families," Nelson told the Patriot-News of the event's origins in an interview on Friday. "There was a time we were the strongest, after World War II, when everybody was pulling the plow. read more

Marion Leary and one of the Philadelphians she helped.

Meet Marion Leary, micro-savior

09/29/12 09:50PM

Melissa began today's "Foot Soldiers" segment with a fable about a starfish, meant to illustrate the power of doing even a little bit to make a difference -- even when the difference you're making appears to some as too small to bother. read more

Which candidate will nab the early voting...

Which candidate will nab the early voting edge?

09/29/12 08:00PM

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, NBC Latino’s Victoria Defrancesco Soto, Democratic consultant Jamal Simmons, and Republican consultant Katon Dawson join Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about the states allowing early voting in the lead up to the... watch

Scott Brown staffers caught in offensive tape

Scott Brown staffers caught in offensive tape

09/29/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry responds to a video depicting staffers of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown making offensive actions against Native Americans. Kevin Gover, director of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian joins to react. watch

Tech-savvy campaigns compete over social...

Tech-savvy campaigns compete over social media

09/29/12 08:00PM

President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign broke ground in politics for its use of social media. Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty joins Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about how technology has changed in the past four years, and how the campaigns are... watch