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E.g., 3/28/2015
A photograph taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Taro Yamasaki from his ongoing project "Black Heart, Red Heart," a part of the VS. project.

150 years after U.S. emancipation, slavery isn't over

02/01/13 02:25PM

This January marked not only the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, but also the third annual National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The presidential proclamation began in 2011 as a way for the administration and human rights  groups to raise awareness of what President Obama has called "a crime that... read more

Rev. Matthew Westfox of All Souls Bethlehem Church. (Courtesy of Rev. Westfox)

Faith's role in the fight for abortion access

01/31/13 03:10PM

As both a person of faith and an advocate for reproductive freedoms, I often find myself talking about the connection between religion, spirituality, and reproductive justice. We talk about religious questions raised by patients and clients, and we talk about how to use religious language in reproductive justice activism.... read more

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)

For women in combat, the big threat isn't behind enemy lines

01/30/13 06:00PM

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently announced the end of a 1994 policy that banned women from direct ground combat. Host Melissa Harris-Perry opened her show on Saturday with a discussion about the Pentagon's decision, and examined the impact the change will have on the United States military. read more


Natural-hair advocate releases new book

01/30/13 07:50AM

Melissa Harris-Perry has been on the air for nearly one year, and one of the most popular #nerdland segments broadcast in that time was about hair. The country's recent freak-out over First Lady Michelle Obama's bangs gives some indication to our fascination not simply with the hairstyles black people wear, but also with the deeper... read more

Sen. Janet D. Howell, D-Fairfax, chairman of the Senate Privileges and Elections committee, adresses the Virginia Senate as they consider the congressional redistricting plan that passed the committee at the State Capitol in Richmond, VA Thursday, June...

Three states rule out Electoral College gerrymandering plan

01/29/13 09:38PM

A state senate committee Tuesday all ended the threat of a Republican-sponsored initiative that would have apportioned electoral votes in Virginia by congressional district. It was one of three "swing states" from the 2012 presidential election to rule out plans today to do what many deemed to be rigging the Electoral College for the... read more

(AP Photo)

Are recent school closings a civil rights issue?

01/29/13 10:39AM

There are an overwhelming number of reports that hundreds of schools across the country are scheduled to be shut down. Host Melissa Harris-Perry discussed with her panel on Sunday the type of schools that are being targeted, and if race and socioeconomic considerations are factors in these decisions. read more

 U.S. President Barack Obama speaks after being sworn in during the presidential inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC.   Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as President of the United States.  ...

Obama mentioned climate change, so now what?

01/29/13 10:32AM

While there were many successes in President Obama's first term, his attention to the environment left many wanting. So after devoting two surprising paragraphs to climate change during his second inaugural address, what more must President Obama do to quiet his detractors in the green movement? read more

Pakistani tribal protesters carry an effigy of U.S. President Obama, left, before setting it alight, during a rally to condemn U.S. drone strikes on the hideouts of alleged militants along the Afghan border in Pakistani tribal regions, in Bannu,...

In the Obama Doctrine, wherefore 'perpetual war'?

01/28/13 11:51AM

One highlight from President Obama's second inaugural address that still has people talking was what he said about war. He expressed the following notion that challenged the "idea" of an ongoing and perpetual, global war on terror. "We the people still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual... read more

Where schools are closing and why

Where schools are closing and why

01/26/13 07:00PM

The Nation’s Ari Berman, the University of Texas’ Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, the Alliance for Quality Education’s Zakiyah Ansari, and the Hechinger Report’s Sarah Garland join Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Education Nation” segment to address the frustration... watch


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