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Children of incarcerated parents have a 'foot soldier' in Brooklyn

10/27/12 02:23PM

As Melissa Harris-Perry noted at the top of her weekly "Foot Soldier" segment today, a study released by the U.S. Senate in 2000 found that 70% of children with an incarcerated parent end up in the same cycle, entering the criminal justice system at some point in their lives. Melissa's "Foot Soldier" this week, Sharon Content, is determined to break that cycle. read more


What difference can Millennials make - if they vote?

10/27/12 01:27PM

A record number of young people turned out in 2008 to vote for then-Sen. Barack Obama, and this year, that voting bloc could make all the difference. Writing for CNN Opinion earlier this month, filmmaker and Yale Visual Law Project director Valarie Kaur quantified just how much:
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Richard Mourdock, candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana, trying to explain the comment he made during Tuesday's night Senate debate. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

For rape survivors, Mourdock's remark was an(other) attack on consent

10/27/12 11:17AM

Richard Mourdock is the Republican nominee for Senate in the great state of Indiana -- and as Mitt Romney has said, if he wins, he could be one of the 51 votes needed to overturn "Obamacare." But this week, Richard Mourdock found a way to stand out from the pack, so much so, that I thought I'd send him a note. Dear Mr. Mourdock, read more

Campaigns surpass $2 billion fundraising...

Campaigns surpass $2 billion fundraising milestone

10/26/12 08:00PM

The presidential campaigns have officially surpassed the billion dollar mark in election fundraising - two times over. Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream; political commentator Valarie Kaur, the Public Campaign Action Fund’s David... watch

Pakistan US Allies Or Enemies

Foreign policy isn't just about getting 'the bad guys'

10/23/12 05:21PM

Forget "jobs, jobs, jobs." On Monday night, this election quickly became about "Libya, Iran, Israel." In fact, this election wasn’t suppose to be about anything else than the economy. And it seemed that was the way the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket liked it. When you are running against the president who brought down Osama bin Laden, it seemed natural. read more

FILE - In this May 8, 2010 file photo, a tattoo on the back of U.S. Army Sgt. James Wilkes of Rochester, N.Y., is seen through his torn shirt after a foot patrol with 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, of the 5th Styker...

In foreign policy debate, politics the likely victor

10/22/12 08:53PM

In a many ways it's fitting that Melissa Harris-Perry began Sunday's show, on the eve of the presidential debate on foreign policy, with a brief obituary to the late George McGovern, who died earlier that morning at the age of 90. In the 24 hours since his death, McGovern, the erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate and South Dakota Senator known for his brutal honesty and opposition to warmongering, has been reintroduced to a new generation of Americans not so much as the man who lost in a landslide to Richard Nixon in 1972, but as a breed of Democrat quickly becoming extinct. read more

Graduating students listen to U.S. President Barack Obama speak at the University of Michigan commencement ceremony in Ann Arbor, Michigan in this May 1, 2010 file photograph (Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

In education-reform debate, where are the specifics?

10/22/12 04:47PM

Education is the last issue you would expect to hear at Monday night's final presidential debate, but it's an important topic that has yet to really be discussed over the course of the campaign. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney penned op-eds last Friday for Time about their views on higher education. The President wrote about his record so far when it comes to education reform, and Governor Romney wrote about the need to provide better opportunities for children without bankrupting the country. read more

A sign along the highway near Grand Isle, La., on July 11, 2010, lays out the problem many struggling fishing families now face: With their fishing grounds closed by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they are forced to find something other than...

An open letter to President Obama, before the last debate

10/20/12 01:11PM

I watched Tuesday's' debate in my own living room. And I'll be honest, I took a moment to stand on my couch and give our nation's leader a well-deserved round of applause for a job well done at the second presidential debate. But I thought I would go one step further and put pen to paper for our commander-in-chief. Dear President Obama, It's me ... Melissa. I just wrote to say thanks. Thank you for bringing your A-game on Tuesday. read more

Father Michael Lapsley with Bishop Desmond Tutu (Ret.) last month in Cape Town, South Africa.

Meet Father Michael Lapsley, 'Foot Soldier'

10/20/12 12:11PM

The "Foot Soldier" for Melissa Harris-Perry this week is Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest and social-justice activist who serves in South Africa. As a young man, he was called to the priesthood, but was not particularly political. Then he found himself in the maelstrom of South Africa's apartheid, serving as a chaplain for the African National Congress. Losing both of his hands and the use of one of his eyes to a letter bomb did not deter Father Lapsley from continuing his work, including here in America. I spoke to him about that earlier this week. read more

Virginia Health Commissioner Karen Remley resigned Thursday (Photo: AP/Bob Brown)

Va. health commissioner resigns over abortion clinic restrictions

10/19/12 02:13PM

Virginia's health commissioner resigned from her post on Thursday, citing the state's GOP-fueled regulations on abortion clinics as the reason for her departure. Dr. Karen Remley abruptly ended her five years of service as commissioner, illuminating the national political battle over women's reproductive health within Republican-led state legislatures. In an email to stakeholders obtained by NBC News’ local affiliate, Remley directly attributes her departure to the harsh regulations on abortion clinics adopted by the commonwealth. Remley writes:
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Romney's marriage pitch shortchanges parents, the safety net

10/18/12 06:47PM

In response to a question about banning assault weapons, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney shared this piece of information with the rest of the country during Tuesday night's debate: "If there’s a two parent family, the prospect of living in poverty goes down dramatically." That may seem rather obvious, particularly if both parents are working. But Romney also offered this "secret": "The opportunities that the child will -- will be able to achieve increase dramatically." This rings true because money too often buys better schools, better programs, and more opportunities. read more


Why a 'binder full of women' isn't a bad thing

10/17/12 04:47PM

You have  to move quickly on the Internet, especially during social-media's top political event of all time. Tuesday's debate will hold that title for likely about another three weeks, when Election Day likely breaks Twitter. But last night, when Mitt Romney uttered the words "binders full of women" in his town hall debate with President Obama, it came off as just the kind of absurd neologism that inspires laughter, ridicule, and hastily constructed Tumblr blogs. So within minutes-- and I'm not kidding, minutes-- of Romney's utterance, came into being. read more

George Takei is one of several LGBT celebrities endorsing President Obama in a new campaign ad

LGBT celebrities endorse Obama in new ad

10/17/12 01:48PM

A number of LGBT celebrities are endorsing President Obama in a new ad released Tuesday by the Obama campaign. Among the bold-faced names are Jane Lynch, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, and George Takei. The five-minute ad highlights the progress made during Obama's first term for LGBT rights, such as the 2009 signing of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the 2011 repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and his statement in favor of marriage equality. read more