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E.g., 9/23/2014

An emergency dose of #nerdland

07/28/12 10:00AM

The Olympics being on means that we're not this Saturday morning; as Melissa announced last week, we won't return for a couple weeks. We won't leave you hanging, though: be sure to keep looking for new content and analysis here on the blog, on our Facebook page, and in our Twitter feed. On that feed and elsewhere, we've seen many of you lamenting our absence this morning, and it's appreciated so much that I thought it'd be best to give you a strong dose of "MHP" when you are typically expecting it.Below, you'll see not only Melissa's recap of #nerdland from the end of Sunday's show. read more

The death we are willing to tolerate

The death we are willing to tolerate

07/26/12 11:00AM

The murder and mayhem at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater took place five days ago, and since then, what we've heard from President Obama since has been mostly words of comfort and tales of courage. read more

Rape survivor Savannah Dietrich.

Making the world uncomfortable for rapists

07/23/12 03:13PM

Savannah Dietrich had too much to drink at a party, and passed out. What she told newspapers happened next was horrific: two boys, both of whom she knew, sexually assaulted her, and took pictures while they were doing it. Then they shared those photographs with others. read more

The statue of the late Joe Paterno at Penn State's Beaver Stadium was removed early yesterday. Today, crippling NCAA sanctions were levied upon the football program.

An idol is torn down, but Corbett stays upright

07/23/12 12:37PM

There may be no quieter time on a college campus than the wee hours of a Sunday morning. Thus, it is unsurprising that starting before 7:00am ET yesterday, Pennsylvania State University tore down the statue of the late football coach they once idolized (and some still do), Joe Paterno. Yes, it's summertime, and most students presumably won't return to State College, PA until late next month. But if you want to avoid a scene, it was probably best to do it right after the decision was announced.What the new Penn State president, Rodney Erickson, did yesterday was juke a lot of folks. read more

In our July 22 show, we're going back to Africa

07/22/12 09:30AM

Nelson Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday earlier this week, a big news event here in the United States given that he is one of the few African leaders we here are familiar with. It is hard to argue that the period of apartheid in South Africa, and the U.S. coverage of the heroes who ended it put Africa on the front pages in a way we haven't seen in the decades since. Yes, we see poor, starving African children on UNICEF ads, hear about money sent to combat AIDS, and we hear about monsters like Charles Taylor. read more

Border clashes in Sudan

Border clashes in Sudan

07/21/12 08:00PM

Sudanese supermodel and refugee advocate Alek Wek joins Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about political disputes and unrest over border agreements in South Sudan. watch