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'MHP' Syllabus: 2.28.15

02/27/15 06:35PM

Saturday on MHP … the things Republicans are saying and who is getting them to say it! From stump speeches to CPAC, GOP stars are talking more and more about inequality and poverty in America. And it might all be because of one man who is bending their ears. Also: filing civil rights charges … or not. The Department of Justice has decided not to... read more

Director Yoruba Richen: 'Not enough of us telling our stories'

02/25/15 09:42AM

Yoruba Richen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from New York City. She was a Guggenheim Fellow for her debut film "The New Black" which addresses the marriage equality movement within the black community. Richen recently chatted with msnbc about her journey to becoming a director and the need for more black female film... read more

Filmmaker exposes FBI counter-terrorism strategy

02/24/15 11:13AM

Lyric R. Cabral is the co-director of (T)error, the first documentary that follows an FBI informant on a counter-terrorism mission, and a recent winner of a Sundance Film Festival award. Cabral recently chatted with msnbc about Gordon Parks and the making of her debut documentary. read more

MHP on Jeb Bush and his foreign policy team

02/22/15 05:09PM

As potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates gear up for what may very well be a campaign against a former U.S. Secretary of State, many GOP hopefuls are looking to burnish their foreign policy credentials. For many would-be candidates that means taking a trip to London and inevitably making some embarrassing misstep, on vaccines,... read more

Controversy over Beyonce photo leak

Controversy over Beyonce photo leak

02/22/15 11:47AM

Beyonce fans were abuzz after allegedly un-retouched photos of the singer were leaked online. Vanessa K. Deluca, Thuy Linh Tu and Crystal McCrary talk about the pressure to be flawless in the age of Photoshop. watch

The new face of a changing Compton

The new face of a changing Compton

02/22/15 10:22AM

Images of inequality, poverty and violence have tended to obscure the rich tapestry of community, families and political organizing in Compton. Mayor Aja Brown talks about her ambitious initiatives to transform her town. watch


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