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E.g., 3/29/2015
More schools turn into churches on weekends

More schools turn into churches on weekends

01/31/15 10:39AM

The Nation’s Katherine Stewart joins to discuss her report on the growing movement to get churches, specifically Christian evangelical churches, into every public school nationwide. The Freedom from Religion Foundation’s Annie-Laurie Gaylor also joins. watch

The revolt on sorority row

The revolt on sorority row

01/31/15 10:29AM

Is the answer to the threat of sexual assault that young women on a college campus should just stay inside? UVA student and Representative Body Chair Abraham Axler talks with Melissa Harris-Perry about the sorority and fraternity controversy at UVA. watch

How expanding Medicaid looks for a GOP gov

How expanding Medicaid looks for a GOP governor

01/31/15 10:14AM

Indiana will expand Medicaid to up to 350,000 people, but they will do it Governor Mike Pence’s way, by charging premiums to some Medicaid beneficiaries and suspending their coverage if they don't pay. Igor Volsky from ThinkProgress explains. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 1.31.15

01/30/15 08:35PM

There’s much to discuss this Saturday in #nerdland!First, measles! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared in 2000 that measles had been eliminated in the United States -- joining the likes of other infectious diseases like polio and malaria. And yet here we are 15 years later -- and the headlines are all about the latest measles... read more

Melissa Harris-Perry delivers an "Open Letter" to Nicholas Kristof.

MHP on the problem with the 'perfect victim'

01/25/15 01:46PM

On Friday evening, while potential Republican presidential contenders scurried to Iowa to court support, and East Coast residents hurried home to beat the snowstorm, and those of us in cable news cracked ourselves up with under-inflated balls jokes, a New York Times Op-ed columnist was on Twitter sending some advice to activists, tweeting quote:... read more

Do open carry laws make people less safe?

Do open carry laws make people less safe?

01/25/15 10:49AM

Jonathan Metzl, Vince Warren and Jasmine Rand discuss a case out of Florida where an African American man was tackled to the ground for carrying a gun he had a permit for and if open carry laws make people more or less safe. watch


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