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E.g., 11/26/2014
Protecting those on the frontlines of Ebola

Protecting those on the frontlines of the Ebola fight

10/18/14 10:23AM

The people on the frontlines fighting the Ebola virus are also among the most vulnerable to the infection. Katy Roemer from the California Nurses Association talks about how she thinks there has been a failure to prepare and protect U.S. nurses as they wo watch

The October 18 'MHP' Syllabus

10/17/14 06:12PM

This Saturday on Melissa Harris-Perry: response time, reproductive rights, and Michele Roberts.The alarm bells are ringing… and have been for quite some time now. But as public health officials scramble to contain the spread of the Ebola virus in the United States,  there are new questions and heightened scrutiny over lapses in local and federal-level preparedness arise. read more

Debating the use of police force

Debating the use of police force

10/12/14 11:35AM

Thousands of people demonstrated in St. Louis Saturday as part of a weekend of organized protest over the police shooting of Michael Brown and police brutality across the country. Msnbc reporter Amanda Sakuma, Judith Browne Dianis, Eugene O'Donnell, Valar watch