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E.g., 10/23/2014
Airstrikes becoming central midterm issue

Airstrikes on ISIS becoming central midterm issue

09/28/14 10:02AM

With just over a month left before the 2014 midterms, the October surprise is looking to be an issue no one saw coming at the start of this election year. The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page, Emily Tisch Sussman from the Center for American Progress and A watch

The September 28 'MHP' Syllabus

09/27/14 08:23PM

On Sunday in #nerdland, the politics of war, the history of civil disobedience, and this fall’s TV landscape, now in color. At the top of the show: The midterms are around the corner and the United States is launching airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. read more

Has anyone seen Blue Ivy?

Has anyone seen Blue Ivy?

09/27/14 11:51AM

Alex Wagner and Chris Hayes report the latest from behind the scenes of the Global Citizen Festival, including any potential sightings of Blue Ivy. watch

Raya the muppet joins Nerdland

Raya the muppet joins fight for clean water

09/27/14 11:38AM

Raya the muppet joins Nerdland to talk about the importance of clean water in preventing digestive illnesses that can result in malnutrition. Stephen Sobhani and Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Il., also join to discuss the Global Poverty Project. watch

Will controversial approach reduce assaults?

A controversial approach to combating sexual assault

09/27/14 11:20AM

An anonymous source at The University of Chicago recently posted on Tumblr a color-coded list of men, either current or former students, accused of gender-based violence. Criminal defense attorney Seema Iyer and Alexandra Brodsky of watch

How Eric Holder has impacted change

How Eric Holder has impacted change

09/27/14 11:00AM

Over the course of nearly six years, Attorney General Eric Holder has made news and even history with little of the fanfare that usually accompanies both. Wade Henderson of "The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights" joins the MHP panel to... watch

Ebola now an 'exponential' crisis

Ebola now an 'exponential' crisis

09/27/14 10:49AM

This week the Centers for Disease Control forecast Ebola could potentially infect 1.4 million people by the end of January. Hugh Evans from The Global Poverty Project and Seth Berkley of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance join to discuss. watch

Anti-Muslim ads to run on NYC buses

Anti-Muslim ads to run on NYC buses

09/27/14 10:25AM

Dean Obeidallah, Negin Farsad and Amaney Jamal talk about the new anti-Muslim ads that will be running on the sides of New York City buses and in some subway stations and why Muslims shouldn't feel like they have to apologize for ISIS. watch