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E.g., 9/4/2015
Report: Missing Indonesian plane found

Report: Missing Indonesian plane found

08/16/15 09:59AM

Reuters is reporting that the wreckage from the plane that lost contact with air traffic control over Indonesia has been found. NBC's Kelly Cobiella and retired airline pilot Captain John Cox join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 8.16.15

08/15/15 07:43PM

This Sunday on Melissa Harris-Perry, Trump in Iowa. As the latest Iowa polls have Donald Trump in the lead in the GOP primary he is increasingly looking more like a genuine presidential candidate … from riding helicopters to hitting the ground in early states like New Hampshire and Iowa for retail politics. We discuss the candidates at Iowa’s... read more

This woman is washing out the stigma of...

This woman is washing out the stigma of homeless

08/15/15 11:53AM

Jody Wood is the founder of "Beauty in Transition," a a mobile salon that provides free services such as hair washing, cutting, and coloring to people living in homeless shelters. For reviving the self-imaged of the displaced and giving them a sense of ho watch

Democrats distance selves from past leaders

Democrats distance selves from past leaders

08/15/15 10:44AM

The Democratic Party has distanced itself from Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, who were both slaveholders. Cornell William Brooks, Julieta Garibay, Akhil Reed Amar, and Jeanne Theoharis speak with Joy Reid about this historic shift and its implicatio watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 8.15.15

08/14/15 09:36PM

This Saturday on Melissa Harris-Perry, racial justice. With the 2016 Presidential race well underway, candidates have a slew of issues to address. But most surprising is the emergence of a narrative that Republican and Democratic candidates will have to contend  with—race. We look at the recent instances in which political candidates have been... read more

Why self-care is important for activists

Why self-care is important for activists

08/09/15 11:35AM

Sustaining the struggle for racial justice can have an emotional, physical and spiritual cost for activists. Dante Barry of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Marva Robinson, Marc Steiner from The Center for Emerging Media,'s Jelani Cobb and Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis join to discuss watch


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