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President Barack Obama addresses a rally during the last day of campaigning in the general election. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Obama's 'fired-up' voting drive in North Carolina falls short

11/07/12 01:22AM

In the last speech he'll likely ever deliver as a political candidate, Barack Obama concluded by re-telling an old story from his 2008 presidential campaign about Edith Childs, the South Carolina woman who devised (and surprised him with) the "Fired up, ready to go" chant that became an anthem of his campaign. He noted that his... read more

Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum campaigns for Mitt Romney in Charlotte last month. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

North Carolina isn't Ohio, and that's why Romney may win it

11/06/12 02:00PM

"You are going to vote your hopes rather than your fears, North Carolina," former President Bill Clinton told a Raleigh audience of about 4,000 Sunday night. Four years ago, the Obama campaign put that into the presidential win column for the first time since 1976, and they are trying to keep hope alive that it will again decide in... read more

Women hold up signs spelling "vote" on a stage being prepared for a speech by President Barack Obama at a campaign rally at the Community College of Aurora, in Denver, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Why women matter in elections, then and now

11/05/12 02:51PM

On this day in 1872, Susan B. Anthony illegally cast a ballot in the presidential election between Ulysses S. Grant and Horace Greeley. Anthony, who voted for Grant, was arrested two weeks later and fined $100. She vowed not to pay the "unjust penalty," and the government never took action against her.... read more


Training to protect the vote, or to suppress it?

11/04/12 01:53PM

Ed. note: In an effort to learn more about groups that purport to protect against the "threat" of voter fraud, #nerdland South correspondent Sara Kugler decided to investigate exactly what these groups tell themselves. Here is her report. read more

Foundation behind 'voter fraud' billboards...

Foundation behind 'voter fraud' billboards exposed

11/03/12 08:00PM

Thanks to reporting done by The Grio's Joy Reid and the advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now, Melissa Harris-Perry is able to name names for 'This Week In Voter Suppression" in exposing the foundation behind billboards that splashed false... watch

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown testifies before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about the failures of the government response to Hurricane Katrina, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Feb. 10, 2006.  (AP Photo/J....

'Heckuva job Brownie,' please have a seat

11/03/12 12:59PM

This week, many made comparisons between the federal response to Superstorm Sandy, and that of the Bush administration in 2005 after the levee failure following Hurricane Katrina. None was more stunning than that of former FEMA chief Michael Brown. So stunning, that I thought it deserved an open letter.... read more

The one-liner Mitt Romney may want to take...

The one-liner Mitt Romney may want to take back

11/02/12 08:00PM

During a presidential debate early on in the primary election season, Mitt Romney quipped about wanting to break up FEMA, or "even better," privatize it. But in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Melissa Harris-Perry panelists talk about how he may... watch

Inequality exacerbated in wake of disaster

Inequality exacerbated in wake of disaster

11/02/12 08:00PM

The Nation’s Ari Melber, The Center for American Progress’ Neera Tanden, Republican consultant Katon Dawson, and Reuters columnist David Rohde join Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about the effects of Hurricane Sandy on all levels of the income scale. watch

Christie slams presidential politics

Christie slams presidential politics

11/02/12 08:00PM

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie smacked down the idea of playing presidential politics in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But is the topic of disaster relief innately political? The Melissa Harris-Perry panelists discuss. watch

Early voter pride

Early voter pride

11/02/12 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry commends the millions of early voters who wear their "I voted" stickers with pride. They are her Foot Soldiers. watch