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E.g., 10/31/2014

In our August 25 show, gauging electoral fitness

08/25/12 09:57AM

This morning, we're keeping the preview shorter than usual due to some technical difficulties. Rest assured, we'll have more on the blog about this week's news over the course of the weekend. For now, let's just get down to the important stuff -- what's on today's edition of "MHP"!Today, we'll preview next week's Republican National Convention with topics ranging from how we determine who is fit for office, the early-voting controversy in Ohio, and the role of Florida Senator Marco Rubio at that convention. read more

Women in politics

Women in politics

08/24/12 08:00PM

Angela Zimmann, a candidate for U.S. Congress in Ohio, joins Melissa Harris-Perry to talk about the growing need for more female representation on Capitol Hill. watch

Matching up your interests to the candidate

Matching up your interests to the candidate

08/24/12 04:26PM

Taxes are on everyone's minds these days, it seems, as Republicans and Democrats duke it out: Where are Mitt Romney's tax returns? Is the individual mandate a tax? What's going on with the Bush Tax Cuts?The website Politify breaks down the real question we should be asking when it comes to the tax debate: whose tax plan would benefit me? Politify describes itself as "a platform that provides Americans with data-backed financial projections of political scenarios."Essentially, the minds behind the site -- a team of UC Berkeley students -- have collected relevant data through the U.S. read more

The elephant in the womb

The elephant in the womb

08/23/12 11:40AM

Despite his seemingly robotic demeanor, Mitt Romney is proving himself a bit of a rogue. His campaign has broken the cardinal rule of presidential races: pander and pivot. First the candidate secures the base during the primaries by pandering to party ideologues; then the candidate swiftly pivots to the center to attract swing voters and independents. Eric Fehrnstrom’s infamous Etch A Sketch comment back in March suggested that Romney was preparing to execute this venerable campaign two-step. But the choice of Paul Ryan as running mate obliterates the possibility of moderation. read more

Earlier this month, Oxford (Miss.) Elementary student Jabari Turner walks into school for the start of the new school year.

'And another thing...' on why we educate

08/22/12 02:31PM

Ed. note: One of our new features, which we started last week, is our "And another thing..." posts from our guests. Since there's never enough time in a segment to hit all of the points, each one of these posts will follow up a conversation Melissa had with them in an earlier show. This week's edition is a timely one, given President Obama's recent re-emphasis on education policy (see his new ad here), and what challenger Mitt Romney had  to say last week (see the top of our discussion, embedded below). read more

Republicans fail to turn Todd Akin into Daniel Tosh

08/22/12 10:48AM

Clayton Williams was running for governor of Texas 22 years ago when he made a remark about rape which the New York Times described as "off-the-cuff" when they reported on his subsequent apology. What he said was, "If it's inevitable," meaning the rape, "just relax and enjoy it." Given what has transpired with Rep. Todd Akin in the last two days, I'm sure you now get why I'm bringing this up now.What's clear from Williams' mea culpa is that he understood the effect of his remarks on his campaign, but not on people. read more