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'MHP' Syllabus: 10.18.15

10/17/15 11:27PM

This Sunday in #nerdland: A police-led boycott of a pumpkin farm, the dark side of community apps, 2016 politics including a look ahead to Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select committee on Benghazi,  and Tracy Morgan’s return to Saturday Night Live. We’ll start our conversation with the story of how a Black Lives Matter sign... read more

Afghanistan decision rewrites Obama's legacy

Afghanistan decision rewrites Obama's foreign policy legacy

10/17/15 10:59AM

President Obama's announcement represents not only a major shift in U.S. policy in Afghanistan, but an even more significant rewriting of President Obama's legacy. Nina Khrushcheva, Matt Welch, Kai Wright and Noah Shachtman join to discuss. watch

Juvenile justice key part of reform efforts

Juvenile justice key part of sentencing reform efforts

10/17/15 10:50AM

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week on whether a 2012 ruling that banned mandatory sentences of life without parole for juveniles convicted of homicide should be applied retroactively. Joshua Perry from the Louisiana Center for Children's Rights joins to discuss. watch

The difference between Denmark and the US

The difference between Denmark and the US

10/17/15 10:23AM

The U.S. is nearly alone among developed, Western democracies in not having the perks of a more socialistic government. What makes the U.S. different? Matt Welch, Carmen Wong, Kai Wright and Jeffrey Miron join to discuss how racial privilege has affected America's economy. watch

Is capitalism good for America?

Is capitalism good for America?

10/17/15 10:00AM

The pros and cons of capitalism took center stage at this week's Democratic debate when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton addressed some of the pitfalls. Matt Welch, Carmen Rita Wong, Kai Wright and Jeffrey Miron join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 10.17.15

10/16/15 08:47PM

This Saturday in #nerdland: Capitalism, a chance for juvenile criminal justice reform, and the state budget crisis threatening to keep thousands of kids out of school. CAPITALISM! The topic was recently brought into the spotlight at Democratic Debate by the two top contenders to be the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Why are we... read more


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