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Newly elected KY governor may roll back ACA

Newly elected Kentucky governor may roll back ACA

11/07/15 10:45AM

Kentucky, which was once one of Obamacare's greatest successes, may now become the test case for what it looks like to roll back health insurance reform. Jason Bailey, Director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, joins to discuss. watch

Have Democrats weakened in the Obama era?

Have Democrats weakened in the Obama era?

11/07/15 10:00AM

For Democrats, a strong president has not for the most part resulted in a strong party. But does the fault necessarily lie with President Obama? Amy Goodman and Mark Alexander join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 11.7.15

11/06/15 05:52PM

This Saturday in #nerdland: Democrat’s biggest losses, a major change in Chinese policy, drug abuse as a 2016 election topic, and a life changing program for recently released prisoners.  The headlines this week focused on severe losses for democrats in Tuesday’s elections. With the focus shifting to the question of who is to blame for a... read more

How Justice Ginsburg became 'notorious'

How Justice Ginsburg became 'notorious'

11/01/15 11:41AM

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired memes portraying the diminutive, lace collared Supreme Court Justice as "notorious" Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik, co-authors of a new book tracing Justice Ginsburg's life, "Notorious RBG", join to discuss. watch

Doctor faces threats from anti-choice...

Doctor faces threats from anti-choice activists

11/01/15 11:32AM

Many medical professionals who perform abortions face threats that could hamper their ability and willingness to do their jobs. Dr. Horvath-Cosper, who faces the constant pressure, joins Melissa Harris-Perry. watch

GOP establishment candidates strike back

GOP establishment candidates strike back

11/01/15 10:59AM

The Republican presidential primary has been dominated by unlikely outsider candidates. John Opdycke, Cristina Beltran, Susan Del Percio and Wesley Lowery join to discuss. watch

Christie links police scrutiny to crime

Christie links police scrutiny to crime

11/01/15 10:32AM

Chris Christie linked police scrutiny to crime at this week's Republican debate. Wesley Lowery, Philip Atiba Goff and Eugene O'Donnell share their reactions. watch

Obama to visit Newark for criminal justice...

Obama to visit Newark for criminal justice push

11/01/15 10:17AM

President Obama will continue his campaign for criminal justice reform when he visits Newark, New Jersey this week. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, The Washington Post's Wesley Lowery and Joo-Hyun Kang from Communities United for Police Reform join to discuss. watch

Obama pushes back on the 'Ferguson effect'

Obama pushes back on the 'Ferguson effect'

11/01/15 10:00AM

President Obama and FBI Director James Comey are at odds over the uptick in crime rates. Phillip Atiba Goff of the Center for Policing Equity and former New York police officer Eugene O'Donnell join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 11.1.15

10/31/15 06:18PM

This Sunday on MHP, the President confronts the so-called “Ferguson Effect.”Last week, FBI Chief James Comey drew a link between perception of a rise in violent crime across the country and the increased scrutiny of police behavior following the deaths of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and others. In response, President Obama... read more

'Some girls never get a first chance'

'Some girls never get a first chance'

10/31/15 12:58PM

What are the lived experiences of navigating stereotypes and expectations that so frequently define black girls as defiant and disruptive? Gloria Malone, Hyunhee Chin, Tee Emanuel and Brittany Brathwaite from Girls for Gender Equality, an organization that supports young girls and women of color, join Melissa Harris-Perry. watch


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