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E.g., 9/20/2014

The September 20 'MHP' Syllabus

09/20/14 12:48AM

This Saturday in #nerdland, guest host Dorian Warren will bring us a hard-hitting edition of "MHP." He'll lead discussions on the ever-worsening Ebola epidemic, the ISIS crisis, and the NFL's woes. Plus, the latest on the efforts to overturn the ruling that reinstated Wisconsin's voter-ID law and a 10-year-old "Foot Soldier." Tune in at 10am ET on msnbc, and tweet at us at #nerdland! read more

Dear Nine West, enough with the 'husband-hunting' shoes

09/13/14 01:15PM

Host Melissa Harris-Perry sends a letter to the shoe retailer, addressing their new ad campaign and its questionable sexual politics: "If you want to get the right kind of attention from women, you cannot have one foot stuck in outdated ideas of the past. Even if that foot is wearing a really cute shoe." read more

An exam room at the Whole Women's Health Clinic in McAllen, Texas, March 4, 2014.

What reopening a Texas abortion clinic meant to one woman

09/07/14 09:02AM

McAllen, Texas — A. was five weeks pregnant and didn’t want to be. That morning her boyfriend had to pull over during their hour-long drive to McAllen so she could vomit. She cried when she saw the protesters outside the squat, tan building that held Whole Woman’s Health. read more

Bad stretch of publicity poses hurdle for NFL

Bad stretch of publicity poses hurdle for NFL

09/14/14 11:01AM

The Ray Rice scandal is just the latest hurdle facing the NFL. After the concussion controversy and now domestic violence allegations, how stable is the league? Jason Page, Karen Finney, Etan Thomas and Don McPherson join to discuss. watch

Can Hillary overcome mistakes of 2008?

Can Hillary overcome mistakes of 2008?

09/14/14 10:22AM

NBC's Harry Smith, MSNBC political analyst Karen Finney, Roll Call's Christina Bellantoni and Matt Morrison from Working America discuss Hillary Clinton's likability factory and the mistakes made during Clinton's 2008 campaign. watch