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David Oyelowo Ava DuVernay

'Selma' director DuVernay joins 'MHP' for extensive interview

01/13/15 09:21AM

Golden Globe-nominated director Ava DuVernay visited #nerdland for a lengthy discussion about her critically-acclaimed film, "Selma." Issues discussed with host Melissa Harris-Perry include the history of women in the civil rights movement, the film's controversial depiction of President Lyndon B. Johnson, humanizing Rev. Dr.... read more

Melissa Harris-Perry delivers an "Open Letter" to Nicholas Kristof.

MHP on the problem with the 'perfect victim'

01/25/15 01:46PM

On Friday evening, while potential Republican presidential contenders scurried to Iowa to court support, and East Coast residents hurried home to beat the snowstorm, and those of us in cable news cracked ourselves up with under-inflated balls jokes, a New York Times Op-ed columnist was on Twitter sending some advice to activists, tweeting quote:... read more

Do open carry laws make people less safe?

Do open carry laws make people less safe?

01/25/15 10:49AM

Jonathan Metzl, Vince Warren and Jasmine Rand discuss a case out of Florida where an African American man was tackled to the ground for carrying a gun he had a permit for and if open carry laws make people more or less safe. watch

Fight for fair housing goes to Supreme Court

Fight for fair housing goes to Supreme Court

01/25/15 09:59AM

Melissa Harris-Perry explains why the Supreme Court's decision on one case could be among the most historical and consequential choices ever made about fair housing. Nikole Hannah-Jones and Vince Warren join to discuss. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 1.25.15

01/24/15 08:04PM

The Supreme Court is deliberating on a case that could determine the future of the Fair Housing Act, the landmark civil rights era legislation that prohibits racial discrimination in housing. This case is extremely important because housing policies not only affect housing; they also have huge implications on health, wealth, and educational... read more