Tugging on the lion’s tail, in our April 8 preview


Part of the reason I start this preview with this Gregory Porter video is that it evokes the very spirit of the Easter season – the playfulness, the invigoration, the observance of renewal, and resurrection of spirit – in ways that it may not even have intended. This holiday contains so many emotions, so deep-seated within many of us have trouble even tracing them back to the source. This time of renewal and hopefulness is not only a cornerstone for an entire faith, but a metaphor and reminder of its permanence in our lives. Even as we may drift away from the practice, the spirit can remain within us, tugging at us (even it causes pain), and guiding us as it may.

And that goes not just for faith and religion, but more pragmatic – and political – matters in our lives, as well.

For that reason, it is curious to many why Mitt Romney is so hesitant to discuss his Mormon faith on the campaign trail, given how elemental it has been in his life. There are arguments both for and against him making it a feature of his candidacy, and it may very well become one whether he or not he wants it to be – and Melissa will examine that all, plus more 2012 election news, in today’s show.

We’ll also shine a light on the cholera outbreak in Haiti, the lack of food justice for too many malnourished Americans, and update you on the Trayvon Martin and Tulsa shooting cases. We’ll add a little Easter fun, too. (Don’t want to ruin that surprise.)

Our guests:

  • Alice Backer, host of “Spotlight on Haiti,” a current-affairs YouTube show premiering today. The first episode is here.
  • Jacquie Berger, executive director of Just Food.
  • Karen Finney, former Democratic National Committee communications director, columnist for the Hill, and msnbc political analyst.
  • Syrena Johnson, 2011-2012 Chefs Move! Scholarship recipient.
  • Jonathan Katz, former AP Haiti correspondent and contributor to The Daily Beast.
  • Jon Lascher, Haiti Program Manager for Partners in Health.
  • The Reverend Al Sharpton, host of msnbc’s “Politics Nation” and president of the National Action Network.
  • Dorian Warren, assistant professor of political science and international public affairs at Columbia University.
  • Emery Whalen, executive director of the John Besh Foundation.
  • Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, and author of “Governing America.”

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Tugging on the lion's tail, in our April 8 preview