The Syllabus: What you need to know for the September 29 ‘MHP’

AP Photo/Senate TV
AP Photo/Senate TV

The Obamacare exchanges are set to open on Tuesday, Oct. 1. Are you still unsure of how the Affordable Care Act will affect your life? Are you scared of the rumors you’ve heard? Fear no more because on Sunday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, we are debuting radio WMHP where our host will be setting the record straight on everything from the ‘socialized medicine’ myth to who gets coverage and how much.

While the country waits for the House to vote on a continuing resolution Saturday evening, the possibility of a government shutdown is inching closer to reality. The House’s plan to fund the government through Dec. 15 includes a delay of Obamacare for one year and a repeal of the medical device tax. The House will also vote on a measure to ensure that the troops will be paid regardless of a shutdown. The vote already seems futile as Sen. Harry Reid has made it abundantly clear that Senate Democrats will reject any funding bill that includes provisions regarding Obamacare. Join us Sunday for a recap and analysis of Saturday’s vote and a special tribute to Ted Cruz…or the Cat in the Hat.

Unlike the behavior on Capitol Hill, the justice system was fairly productive this week. New York State announced that it is creating a new statewide system to help women who have been victims of human and sex trafficking instead of sending them to prison as the law currently stipulates. Meanwhile in Florida, Marissa Alexander was granted a retrial for discharging a gun in her own home. Alexander invoked the Stand Your Ground law claiming she was defending herself against her abusive husband. Originally, Alexander was given a 20 year sentence under the “10-20-Life” law. On Sunday’s MHP, our host and panel will discuss how to improve our justice system so that it protects victims, instead of putting them behind bars.

And Chris Nee, the creator and executive producer of Disney Junior’s hit show Doc McStuffin’s will be here to discuss the success and lessons behind her show. Eric and Lucy are particularly excited about this one.

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