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The September 20 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


This Saturday in #nerdland, guest host Dorian Warren will bring us a hard-hitting edition of Melissa Harris-Perry.

Ronan Farrow Daily, 9/19/14, 1:16 PM ET

Are France’s airstrikes on ISIS a sign more allies are ready to fight?

Today’s expert military panel, Zach Iscol and Michael Kay, break down the next step in the fight and whether there is a rift between President Obama and the Generals he needs to destroy ISIS.
First: the rules of war. We’ll take a closer look at executive authority and the role of Congress as the President prepares to take stronger action against ISIS. NYU law professor Ryan Goodman, New Yorker.com executive editor Amy Davidson, and distinguished senior fellow at Demos, Bob Herbert, will discuss who has the power to take the country to war – even a limited one – in 2014.

And, outrage over the outbreak?  As the U.S. prepares to take the lead in the fight against Ebola, is it too little too late? Laurie Garrett, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, will give us the latest on the ever-worsening Ebola crisis.

Then, Attorney General Eric Holder launches an historic study to combat distrust between the police and the communities they serve. One of the researchers leading the study, Philip Atiba Goff, professor of Social Psychology at UCLA and director of the Center for Policing Equity, will provide us with insight into this landmark study.

The Ed Show, 9/19/14, 5:00 PM ET

Goodell presser raises more questions

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell broke his radio silence, addressing the media for the first time in 10 days, yet failed to give any definitive answers. Ed Schultz, Terence Moore, Michael Eric Dyson, and Judge Judy Harris Kluger discuss.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his league are feeling the heat from sponsors concerning domestic violence issues. What will be the catalyst for change? Does the commissioner need to resign? BuzzFeed senior sports writer Joel Anderson, Animal New York contributing editor Amy K. Nelson, and former NFL offensive lineman and player union rep Chester Pitts will join guest host Dorian Warren in a conversation about the latest NFL woes, including stunning press conference. (Also, check out the video above, regarding this bombshell ESPN report.)

All that, plus the latest efforts to overturn the ruling that reinstated Wisconsin’s voter-ID law and our 10-year old “Foot Soldier” who has survived cancer and now is on a mission to help others.

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The September 20 'MHP' Syllabus