Melissa Harris Perry MHP The Syllabus

The October 4 ‘MHP’ Syllabus

This Saturday in #nerdland, elections, books, and poverty with guest host Dorian Warren.

First: your vote and the Supreme Court. How will the year-old Supreme Court ruling that gutted the Voting Rights Act and unleashed a flood of new voter suppression impact upcoming midterm elections? We’ll examine the potential effects in light of the court’s recent ruling that restores some voting restrictions in Ohio. Our panel includes: Ohio State Senator, Nina Turner, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, Dale Ho, and MSNBC reporter, Zachary Roth.

Then, Amazon: is the mega company really a monopoly? Our panel of experts will discuss the controversial practices that have led to a growing group of authors challenging the e-books titan.

Rewriting history. Warren and guests will provide more insight into the debate in Jefferson County, Colorado over a proposed review of high school AP History courses. Conservatives say the course is too anti-American— opponents of the proposal call it censorship. Whose version of American history will win-out?

And, Ebola everywhere? Laurie Garrett, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Frankie Edozien, journalist and director of the “Reporting Africa” Program at New York University’s Journalism School, will bring you the latest on the first Ebola patient diagnosed after arriving in the U.S, the NBC freelancer diagnosed with the virus, and a look at the real fear from Ebola. Could it become a permanent presence in West Africa?

As the economy improves, those being left behind are paying a hefty price to try and keep up. Michael Corkery, a New York Times reporter, and Rebecca Vallas, associate director of the Poverty to Prosperity Program Center for American Progress, join to examine subprime and predatory auto loans- and the new ways car dealers are cracking down on delinquent payments. There’s certainly a high cost to being poor.

All that, plus the ruling that forced 13 abortion clinics in Texas to shut down their operations and a closer look at one man’s efforts to document the border crisis and the dangerous path some refugees take to reach America in this week’s “Foot Soldier.”

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