Ukrainian coal miners search the site of a crashed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane near the village of Rozsypne, Ukraine, July 18, 2014.
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The July 19 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


This Saturday on Melissa Harris-Perry, we’ll bring you the latest from the two unfolding international crises that shook the international community in tandem this week. 

We will have the latest on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that went down over rebel-held territory in Ukraine, including recent indications that Russian-backed separatists might be responsible for the crash.

All In with Chris Hayes, 7/18/14, 8:00 PM ET

Making the Case

The U.S. is compiling evidence it says suggests that Russian-backed separatists, possibly with the help of RU trainers, might have brought down MH 17.
Host Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel will also discuss the geopolitical fallout between Russia and the west, and what effect this tragedy will have on the already-endangered U.S.-Russia relationship as the latest round of sanctions kicks in. Harris-Perry and her panel will also discuss developing reports that a substantial number of AIDS researchers and at least one American perished in the crash.

We will also break down Israel’s new ground offensive into the Gaza Strip, the state of affairs in the Middle East, the role of the United States in this crisis, and what it is like to live in an area perpetually on the brink of war.

All In with Chris Hayes, 7/16/14, 8:17 PM ET

Four boys killed on Gaza beach

Four boys, all cousins, were playing soccer when two mortar shells hit the beach in Gaza City, across the street from a hotel housing international journalists. NBC News’ Ayman Mohyeldin reports.
MHP will turn from violence overseas to the violence here at home as Harris-Perry and her panel discuss the relationship between suicide, guns, mental health and law enforcement.  Our host will bring you the story of how one public official in Richmond, CA is making headlines with his novel and interesting approach to homicide prevention. We’ll also discuss the epidemic of suicide in this country with Chicago magazine reporter Bryan Smith, whose recent in-depth profile of the late “MasterChef” star Josh Marks examines the psychological and socio-political factors that can lead a person to take their own life.

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The July 19 'MHP' Syllabus