FILE - In this Aug. 20, 2014 file photo, people march to protest the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Residents who live near where Brown was shot...
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The August 23 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


This Saturday, we’ll take a look at what comes next for the town of Ferguson, Missouri and for the broader movement to end excessive force by police in communities of color nationwide. Read in on:

All In with Chris Hayes, 8/19/14, 8:29 PM ET

Chris Hayes visits a Ferguson barbershop

Antonio Henley, who owns a barbershop near the epicenter of the protests, discusses the fallout from the killing of Michael Brown.
Host Melissa Harris-Perry will sit down with Reverend William Barber, one of the leaders of North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” movement, about how to engage and sustain a movement.

Then, as the initial unrest calms down and gives rise to a broader social movement, lawmakers and activists continue to focus on the multiple ongoing investigations into the circumstances of Michael Brown’s death. This week, attorney General Eric Holder, who leads the federal investigation into Officer Darren Wilson’s actions, went to Ferguson to talk to people on the ground. Read up here about:

Hardball with Chris Matthews, 8/22/14, 8:01 PM ET

President Obama’s optics problem

Steve McMahon and Joe Watkins join Chris Matthews to discuss Obama’s “tone deaf” golf trip after his statement on executed American journalist James Foley.
Melissa will talk with her panel about the efforts by Mr. Holder and others to seek justice and accountability and will speak with Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, who wrote this week about why he believes the President of the United States hasn’t gone far enough.

We’ll also bring you the story about how Ferguson’s local high schools are starting their first football season.

All that, plus the latest on the ongoing Ebola crisis and our host’s open letter of the week.

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Melissa Harris-Perry

The August 23 'MHP' Syllabus